Enrolling students and building your group

At this point, you’ve spread the word, gotten students excited, and held a parent meeting. Last but not least, it’s time to sign students up and build your group! We’ll break down how that works in the four easy steps below. (And, of course, you can always lean on your Tour Consultant for additional support!)

Step 1: We’ll send out an automated follow-up for you

The custom RSVP site link that you included on all your promotional materials automates communications in two ways: First, it reminds parents to attend your meeting. And second, it follows up with them afterwards to send them enrollment details. The site will follow up with anyone who said they were interested, whether or not they attended your meeting.

Step 2: Keep the parents engaged

The majority of travelers will enroll within two weeks of your parent meeting—so make sure to follow up with them right away. Your Tour Consultant can provide you with email templates to save you time, but you should definitely include tour highlights, price, and what’s included.

Tip: If you have an online presence on social media, make sure to communicate enrollment details there as well.

Step 3: Use your EF-provided resources

Your Tour Consultant is going to be your ultimate resource as you continue to grow your group. They will give you personalized guidance and strategy, and will walk you through all of the following tools and resources available to you:

Your online tools

Log in to your account at eftours.com to see a quick snapshot of your group and manage your list of interested travelers. From here, you can share your Tour Enrollment Page (detailed below) or contact your interested travelers with a click of a button.

Tour Enrollment Page

This page keeps all of the most important information about your tour in one central, online location. It includes everything from tour dates and price to itinerary and inspirational videos. Students and parents can also use this site to read travel reviews. Finally, they can add their name to your list of interested travelers—and most importantly, can use this page to enroll. Tip: Once you’ve had your parent meeting, share your Tour Enrollment Page through your own social media accounts, your school’s website, and/or your department’s newsletter.

Step 4: Keep the momentum going

In addition to the tools mentioned above, we also suggest holding regularly scheduled meetings throughout your tour-planning process. Invite travelers who have already enrolled, and encourage them to bring any of their interested friends to help drive new enrollments. To keep your students excited for your tour, consider hosting fun activities—such as potlucks or movie nights—that can help them learn more about the cities you’ll be exploring.