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What makes EF England tours truly smashing? Seeing historical treasures, culture-packed neighborhoods, iconic museums, and crown jewels—and that’s just for starters. Whether you want your school trip to England to focus on classic London sightseeing or reciting Shakespeare at his birthplace, we’ve got your cup of tea.

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Tales from our England tours

The making of an EF tour

Read how EF designed a multicultural travel itinerary focused on the Black experience.

5 minute read

For equestrian explorers

Let’s debunk the myth of the horse statue “meaning” once and for all, shall we?

2 minute read

How it works

Wherever your school trip to England takes you, we’re here to make planning your EF England tour a breeze. From your biggest, boldest ideas to the tiny details, we’re with you every step of the way.

Building your team

Meet your Tour Consultant, an expert on schools in your area who’s focused on you and your students’ growth.

Choosing an England tour

We work with you one-on-one to find the perfect "travel in England" itinerary for the needs of your group.

Spreading the word

When it comes to signing up students and getting them excited for your England tour, we’ve got plenty of tips.