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Educational philosophy

We’re here to introduce you to all the places out there

For over 55 years, EF has been working to keep minds and the world wide open. We design tours to help educators teach, and so students can learn more—about tolerance, other perspectives, and themselves. Our company’s roots are in language learning and cultural exchange, and over time, EF’s mission to provide immersive, life-changing education has remained the same.

By putting people at the center of everything we do, the team at EF Educational Tours makes understanding come alive for our customers. Because a meaningful travel experience starts with whoever’s showing you the way forward.

Where education meets exploration

Anyone can take you someplace new. We’ll take the time to help you understand it. Here at EF, learning comes first, and our time-tested approach to student travel reflects that.

Our educational philosophy

EF itineraries are more than just places to go and things to see. Experiential learning has been at the heart of our programs since the company started, which allows us to spark connections and inspire curiosity, confidence, and self-awareness in students.

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EF’s approach to travel

We believe all students deserve the opportunity to see the world. We believe you can leave home while staying safe. We believe people make places what they are. Discover how EF designs each of our tours with these ideals—and the future—in mind.

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It feels like family (because it is)

Since 1965, we’ve understood that it’s not just where you travel, but who you travel with. What began as a family-owned business more than five decades ago remains a family—in 114 countries and counting. We aspire to bring people around the globe together through education, and everything EF is today has grown from that one goal.

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Our people are your people, too

You want a travel partner who knows what they’re doing and who also knows you. EF provides global expertise with a personal touch. We’ve mastered the art of growing big while staying small, and the way we structure your team is proof of this glocal approach. Basically, it means we’re local, the world over.

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We believe travel is for everyone

We want every student—regardless of gender identity, race, physical ability, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status—to experience the life-changing impact of educational travel. That’s why at EF, we’re driven by our vision for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). In order to increase access to travel-based learning for all, we are committed to expanding and diversifying the communities we work with, the staff who work for us, and the perspectives we celebrate on our tours. Additionally, our dedicated DEIB team, together with DEIB staff from EF businesses around the world, impact awareness and advocacy throughout our organization.

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