Tools and resources provided by EF

Whether you’re looking for the best ways to promote your tour, host your parent meeting, or enroll students, EF provides teachers with several tools and resources to help make the process as simple as possible.

Tools and resources to promote your parent meeting

Custom RSVP site

Before you even begin promoting your tour or parent meeting, we’ll give you access to your own custom RSVP site. Think of it as your pre-meeting personal assistant. Send the link to parents and students, and your site will collect a list of people who express interest in your tour, as well as who is planning to attend your meeting. Your site will also organize interested families into an easy-to-export list. Finally, it will remind families about your upcoming parent meeting and—after your meeting has ended—follow up with important enrollment information. Your Tour Consultant will walk you through your site (it’s very easy to use!) and will help you add the link to all of your promotional materials.


We’ll send you big, glossy travel posters to hang up in your classroom and other key locations around your school. We can also send smaller posters that are better served for plastering offices or bulletin boards, so you can cover more than just your corner of the school building. Make sure to ask your Tour Consultant to send you a poster featuring your destination, meeting details, and custom RSVP site link.

Student materials

We’ve also prepared additional flyers, presentations, and activity ideas that will get your students excited about your tour and help them encourage their parents to attend your meeting. All of these drive students to your custom RSVP site, so you can see who is interested and able to attend your meeting.

Tools and resources to host your meeting

Meeting presentation

Your Tour Consultant will provide you with a PowerPoint presentation that is customized to your specific tour. It will cover all of the important details, including your travel window, itinerary highlights, educational opportunities, price, and how to enroll. Plus, your Tour Consultant will help you with any and all pre-presentation questions, so you feel confident and prepared going into your informational meeting.

Detailed tour itinerary

This booklet breaks down everything your students will experience on tour. It references all of the destinations they’ll visit. Plus, it notes everything the tour includes, such as special sightseeing tours, entrances to museums, and a full-time Tour Director.

Parent guide

This easy-to-read handbook gives parents information on your partnership with EF, our safety precautions, tour payment plan options, and more. While you will go over plenty of this in your PowerPoint presentation, it’s nice for parents to have something to take home.

Tools and resources to help enroll travelers

Custom RSVP site

As mentioned above, you can think about your custom RSVP site like your own personal assistant. After your meeting, it will send automated emails to all interested families, reminding them to enroll on your tour as well as what important dates to look out for.

Tour Enrollment Page

This page keeps all of the most important information about your tour in one central, online location. Just think of it as your home base—it includes everything from tour dates and price information to itinerary and inspirational videos. Students and parents can also use this site to read reviews from past travelers. Finally, they can add their name to your list of interested travelers—and most importantly, can use this page to enroll. Tip: Once you’ve had your parent meeting, share your Tour Enrollment Page through your own social media accounts, your school’s website, and/or your department’s newsletter.

Accessing your online tools

You can find the URL for your custom RSVP site by logging in to your account at—but you’ll use the collection of online tools and resources you’ll find there long after your parent meeting has ended. We make it easy for you to check on important to-dos related to your tour. Plus, you can easily connect with your interested travelers and keep them in the loop on any new information. For more information on how you can use the site, please contact your Tour Consultant.