Global Leadership Summit | Berlin, Germany 2024

The Impact of Water on Society
Water’s role in society goes far deeper than simple hydration. From the tiniest bacteria to the largest blue whale, there isn’t a single organism on earth that can survive without it. And although water touches almost every aspect of our daily lives, have we realized its full potential? Join us at EF’s 2024 Global Leadership Summit to discover The Impact of Water on Society. Let’s dive in to better understand water’s influence on transportation, agriculture, energy, and more. Together, we’ll explore ways to harness this fundamental resource to make a bigger difference around the world.

Summit Tours
Explore Europe on an immersive educational tour focused on The Impact of Water on Society in eye-opening destinations.

Leadership Conference 
Over the course of the three-day leadership conference, July 12–14, students will hear from world-renowned keynote speakers, work with local and global experts, and collaborate with peers in small international teams. Using the design thinking process, teams will develop solutions focused on The Impact of Water on Society.

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