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What happens when an educational tour meets a three-day global leadership conference?

Talking to strangers leads to making friends, fast. Raising your voice is encouraged. And in the process of discussing global challenges, students start gaining the tools they need to solve them. Because when perspective transfers between people, it sparks something greater—and that electricity is what fuels every EF Global Leadership Summit.

Everything you never imagined

Water’s role in society goes far deeper than simple hydration. From the tiniest bacteria to the largest blue whale, there isn’t a single organism on earth that can survive without it. And although water touches almost every aspect of our daily lives, have we realized its full potential? Join us at EF’s 2024 Global Leadership Summit to discover The Impact of Water on Society. Let’s dive in to better understand water’s influence on transportation, agriculture, energy, and more. Together, we’ll explore ways to harness this fundamental resource to make a bigger difference around the world.

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When it comes to building a sustainable future, what we do today matters. The first step? Defining what sustainable living means for you—whether it’s promoting peace and justice, protecting education and the environment, or preserving language and culture. Our 2023 Global Leadership Summit will explore the importance of Creating a Sustainable Future and the power we have to create long-term change through our daily actions.

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Great ideas can come from anyone—at any time

Fueled by a common belief that in order to change the world you need to experience it, EF and the Nobel Prize Museum have partnered together to inspire students to pursue bold goals and think differently. The winning projects from each of our Global Leadership Summits are exhibited in the Nobel Prize Museum (alongside the work of Nobel Laureates) in Stockholm, Sweden!

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This world is what students make of it

Explore The Impact of Water on Society with us in 2024.