Payment Options

We believe every student should have the opportunity to travel. That's why we offer the lowest prices possible while also providing our travelers with more choices for managing their payments.

Option 1: Pay in full at enrollment - Free

  • Pay the entire balance at the time you enroll. 
  • Payment methods accepted: Visa or MasterCard, ATM/debit card and personal checks. 

Option 2: Automatic Payment Plan - Free

  • After you enroll with the $95 deposit, payments are automatically deducted from your bank account. 
  • Choose your payment frequency: 
    • Monthly payments based on a preferred date
    • Bi-weekly payments on a preferred weekday
  • Payment methods accepted: ATM/debit card or checking account only. 

Option 3: Manual Payment Plan - $50 plan fee

  • Receive invoices and make your payments in less frequent installments. 
  • Payment schedule: 
    • $95 deposit due upon enrollment
    • $500 due 30 days after enrollment
    • $500 due 90 days after enrollment
    • Remaining balance due 110 days prior to departure
  • Payment methods accepted: Visa or MasterCard, ATM/debit card and personal checks.  

*Payment plan options apply to travelers enrolled after 9/1/2014. For specific plan details, see our full Booking Conditions

Online fundraising

We make it easy to raise funds for your upcoming trip by providing an online donation page for you to share with others. Those who decide to donate can make secure online contributions that are applied directly to your payment balance. For more information about fundraising, visit

Know Before You Go

We’ve helped students and teachers explore the world for 50 years. Here are some of the most common topics our travelers and parents ask about.