What to Expect

Tour Director 
Your personal, bilingual Tour Director is with you every step of the way, and will be there the moment you clear customs. They stay with your group 24/7, taking care of all the logistics (hotels, transportation, meals and more) and provide insight into local life and culture. 

Licensed Local Guides
You’ll gain knowledge and insight during in-depth excursions and sightseeing tours with your local guide. Holding academic degrees in architecture, art or history, they’re passionate about educating others about their city and culture. 

Group travel 
Group travel is a great way to make friends from other states and cities. Unless your Group Leader has chosen to be a private group, you will be traveling with other students and teachers from the United States and Canada. 

Tour and departure date flexibility 
Your exact tour itinerary and travel dates are not confirmed until 70 days prior to departure. Talk to your Group Leader about the tour and departure date choices that he or she requested. 

All hotels that work with EF are required to meet rigorous standards for quality, safety and cleanliness, so you can count on safe, clean and comfortable hotels with private baths. Students share rooms with 2-3 other travelers (same gender), from their own group or from another group with whom they’re traveling. 

Breakfast typically includes cereal, rolls, jam, juice, coffee and tea. Lunch is a chance for you to make culinary discoveries of your own and your Tour Director can provide local recommendations. Included dinners will either be familiar dishes or local specialties. 

Free time
This is your time to explore the area with friends, visit museums, sit at a café and people-watch, buy souvenirs—the choices are endless. Your Tour Director knows the area well and can recommend local favorites and activities. 

Spending Money
For recommendations on spending money, please visit our Help Center article: SPENDING MONEY ON TOUR

It’s customary to tip your Tour Director and coach driver as a token of appreciation at the end of the tour. Many groups also tip local guides for sightseeing tours.

Suggested tipping rates
$6 per day for your Tour Director
$3 per day for your driver
$1-2 for each local guide 

Know Before You Go

We’ve helped students and teachers explore the world for 50 years. Here are some of the most common topics our travelers and parents ask about.