Hold a departure meeting

Distribute EF backpacks and luggage tags
Hand out the EF backpacks and luggage tags included in this package and suggest students use the backpacks as carry-on luggage. Your group leader bag is also included.

Set expectations about group travel
Group travel is a great way for students to make friends and meet students from other cities and states. Unless you are traveling as a private group, you will be traveling with other students and teachers from the United States and Canada. Keep in mind that traveling with others requires thoughtfulness, a good attitude and flexibility. It is crucial that everyone make punctuality a priority for wake up calls, sightseeing tours, meeting times, etc. Please remind travelers how important it is to follow instructions and tell them to wear watches. See the Traveler's Handbook for EF's Rules of the Road.

Discuss your itinerary
Review your trip itinerary with students. Pass the tour itinerary out to students to look at as you discuss the exciting places you will visit together. You can request itineraries from your tour consultant.

Remind students about their Traveler's Handbook
Remind students that all the information they need before your tour is included in the Traveler's Handbook that they have already received. You may choose to review portions of this book together as a group. The Traveler's Handbook is also a great resource for you as you prepare to depart.