As a world leader in international education, EF is relentlessly committed to respecting and promoting animal welfare as we help our customers experience the world.

With the best interests of our furry (and fuzzy, and slimy, and scaly) friends in mind, EF is proud to collaborate with the nonprofit organization World Animal Protection. Together, we work to implement animal welfare guidelines throughout all our travel programs worldwide—because truly experiencing a destination should not mean harming the animals that call it home.

Taking a stand against elephant cruelty

EF has taken an elephant-friendly pledge, meaning you won’t find elephant rides or performances on our tours. Read more to learn the sad truth behind these popular travel activities, and why we don’t believe in them.

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Your animal welfare questions answered

“We have the power to change the lives of wild animals around the world by making animal welfare a priority.”

—Edward Hult. PhD, CEO of EF North America