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  1. Amazing Trip!!!

    I will admit, I did not know much about Japan before the trip, so I did not have much to be excited for beyond simply going to a new country.

    The trip was amazing! The blend between culture, religion, and technology was beautiful. EF Tours planned a wonderful balance between learning history and experiencing daily life.

    Even though the weather was hot and very humid, it in no way detracted from my experience.

    My tour guide was exceptional! My tour guide worked tirelessly to accommodate our wishes as a group and give us a deep understanding of the rich culture of Japan. My tour guide was knowledgeable, kind, funny, hard-working, and simply the best!

    My wife and I cannot wait to go visit Japan again!
    Californiamusician123 / Adult traveler
    Anaheim, California / Posted on August 02, 2019
  2. Excellent Experience

    The trip was mostly fun and successful. Students enjoyed travelling Japan. I realized how important the orientation we did before the trip is. That minimized troubles and confusion. We just have to remind students our expectations besides cultural differences. The tour director did a good job when we had a trouble. Fortunately, we didn't have rain so much during the trip.
    samurai / Adult traveler
    Arizona / Posted on July 15, 2019
  3. Japan is Great

    Japan is a beautiful country. I enjoyed the history, culture, and people. One of the great things about this particular tour is that we were able to see many different cities. Though the amount of traveling can be taxing, we were privileged to see so many different places, and have so many different experiences. It was amazing to compare the different cities and appreciate the individual beauty in each.
    TravelNerd1 / Adult traveler
    Atlanta, GA / Posted on July 08, 2019
  4. Fantastic Time

    My grandson had a wonderful time in Japan. Trip was well organized and supervised. There was enough free time to enjoy themselves and not feel rushed. The students enjoyed the many excursions and met new friends. The site kept us updated on meeting the requirements of traveling and sent valuable information for the parents in advance.
    Socks / Student traveler
    Placentia, CA / Posted on July 01, 2019
  5. The trip to Japan is pretty much amazing

    My experience in japan basically changed my outlook towards life because it basically taught me the ways of a different culture other than my own.
    The tour was based on shrines,temples and learning about their culture in general. My tour guide was very nice lady and also a very knowledgeable person. Not knowing any japanese wasn't a problem because some of the store clerks and restaurant waitress knows some form of english which was very helpful. If not you could just point at something you want and they would understand what you want. Other than that it was an amazing experience and well worth of the money spent on the trip. P.S Family mart is best place to go to for cheap food and drinks such as water and soda also at your local vending machine that is like every five feet away from you. :)
    Blind / Student traveler
    NorwalK, California / Posted on June 30, 2019
  6. Whole New World

    Japan was such an amazing country. Before I visited, I only knew a little bit about it, but after going, I fell in love immediately. Getting to see both the modern and traditional parts were both equally amazing and everything was so beautiful and breathtaking. I loved this tour so much, and I would want to do it over and over again. Thank you so much for this opportunity to travel the Land of the Rising Sun! <3
    SomeGirlFromAlaska / Student traveler
    Fairbanks, Alaska / Posted on June 12, 2019
  7. Wonderful Adventure!

    My son felt inspired on his trip to Japan. He loved the wide variety of beautiful and interesting sites and experiences the group visited. He tried adventurous new street foods, saw things that were entirely new to him, and learned some history and culture. It seemed like the right amount of supervision for a 16-year old--he enjoyed having some free time, but felt self and well taken care of with the way the trip was structured. We would recommend EF to others!
    NYC61 / Parent
    New York, NY / Posted on April 28, 2019
  8. A dream come true!

    I have always wanted to visit Japan, but I didn't think it would be financially possible until I heard about EF tours! It opened an amazing door for me and for the students on the trip. There was so much to see and do, we learned so much! My students even pointed things out to me they had learned in my science class! Like the bullet train that ran on electromagnets, and the nuclear reactions used in power plants and weapons! I was really proud that they were able to relate school topics to this trip, and they did it without me even asking them to!
    Suzune / Adult traveler
    Pasco, WA / Posted on April 10, 2019
  9. One of the best tours yet!

    This tour was incredible for so many reasons! First, we were able to experience many aspects of Japanese history and culture. Kyoto gave us the "old" Japan, Hakone gave us the opportunity to engage in traditional Japanese culture and Tokyo gave us the modern Japan. Our TD was one of the best I've worked with in my 9 tours. So well organized and so many opportunities to learn new things about the country.
    JSKS / Group leader
    Olathe, KS / Posted on March 19, 2019
  10. Lifechanging

    This experience has shaped me completely for the better. I felt home here on this tour. It has inspired me beyond words to continue living to see all of Japan. I recommend this trip to anyone looking for a down-to-earth, peaceful, absolutely breath-taking experience.
    lenkualli / Student traveler
    Newburgh, Indiana / Posted on August 23, 2018

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