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  1. Experiential Learning At Its Best!

    This was my 4th tour with EF, and it was very well put together as usual. I chose this itinerary because of all of the different learning experiences that teens would be able to participate in on tour. I wanted them to do more than see the monuments, I wanted them to actually live a day in the life. This tour came close to that!
    / Group leader
    New Albany, IN / Posted on June 30, 2017
  2. Incredible Opportunity

    My tour of London, England and Paris, France was an amazing experience. EF Tours offer great opportunities for students to travel across the world for a price well under its value. We had an incredible time and we all owe our great tour guide a big thank you for all that he did for us. I did not feel unsafe or bored during the entire trip. The things we saw and places we visited were unimaginable and there's truly nothing like it. I would 100% go again!
    xbrookielee / Student traveler
    Kernersville, NC / Posted on May 15, 2017
  3. Wonderful Educational Experience

    My lead-up experience to this tour was unique- I was a last minute replacement for the teacher who had been planning the trip for the previous 2 years. I found out I would be stepping in for her the week before the group left. So, for that reason, I cannot comment on the logistics and organizational aspects of the tour. I can say that the communication from EF the week before the tour was exceptional. My EF contact was incredibly helpful and reached out to me to ensure that I felt completely prepared for the tour. The flight times allowed adequate transfer time for lay-overs. Our hotels were very nice with amenities that helped refresh both students and adults at the end of the long days of touring. Dinners (and hotel breakfasts) were good quality in both food and service (for having 40 people arrive at once at a restaurant, they were good). The dinners offered new cuisine experiences without being too exotic for most students. Each day was jam-packed with activities that required a lot of walking (almost 10 miles every day). Sometimes the lunch hour was cut very short or was non-existent, but I know this is often the sacrifice made in order to fit in as many sight-seeing experiences as possible. For me, it was simply a matter of managing expectations of my student group. They quickly learned to bring snacks with them. I think ultimately they also understood the cost-benefit of either trying to fit in seeing *everything* they wanted or taking maybe a little more time at a certain place and really absorbing the experience, rather than trying to rush through to get to everything. Overall, the trip was very well timed, our tour director was incredible at managing all of our groups and went above and beyond to try to allow options for everyone to see their priority experiences. The length of the trip was great as well- we had 4 days in London and 4 days in Paris, which was perfect. By the 10 day everyone was tired and ready to go home to process the experience. Having less time in each city would have really limited the options and made each place much harder to truly experience. This experience was great for our group.
    Tags / Group leader
    Winston-Salem, NC / Posted on August 01, 2016
  4. Amazing experience!

    Overall I had a great experience. There were some minor issues, although as soon as we call the company they treated us right away. I loved how I was able to bond with my tour guide as well as the other students. I just wish time management was longer, but I think it had to deal with the fact that there were other groups that joined our group.
    Cherrrrrryyy1333 / Student traveler
    Norwalk, CA / Posted on November 03, 2017
  5. I'm moving to London!

    This was the experience of a life time and I would love to be a chaperone on a tour like this in the future in a couple of years. This opened my eyes to new things and hopefully I'll be able to travel like this throughout college.
    Bananamom / Student traveler
    Louisville, Kentucky / Posted on July 02, 2017
  6. London, Paris

    At first they put me in a room that had no a/c when go to complain find out they put me in room that in room mentioned for bus driver that did not show up had to stay 2 nights in that room, then the food was uneatable who in there right mind knowing there feeding a bunch of teenagers why would you try and feed them hummus, there was no other option but what they give you and dinner was always a rush next group coming witch food was so bad wasn't hard, everything was a rush having to take public transportation was pain, tour director leaving people behind group that was with us where rude this was supposed to be educational tour I think I came back dumber than when I started, nothing is prebought tour guide had to buy tickets to everything on spot think we got 15 minutes on Eiffel tower before we had to meet tour guide we did more walking than I have ever done I feel I could have save a lot of money and got a better experience if I would have just shot from the hip and taken me daughter by myself the tour company was useless and a waste
    Diggem / Adult traveler
    Hollywood, fl / Posted on June 27, 2017
  7. Good experience

    Both places was nice but we should of have more time to explore London and in Paris we should not be in a rush and we should of been with one other group because it's to much to handle for the tour lady I would take out the cricket lesson and the play that we had to go watch and give us a bus that had fresh air instead of us walking a lot
    / Student traveler
    California / Posted on June 24, 2017
  8. Tour experience

    Overall a good time. Saw many sites and experienced many new things. Wish groups would be more flexible to change. Loved Katie the tour director. Very interesting woman with so many interesting stories. Made the experience that much better.
    PeTe22 / Student traveler
    Lenexa, Kansas / Posted on June 20, 2017
  9. A great time

    Overall it was a great time. I loved the experience of a personal tour - having a small group made getting around so easy. The experiences Cricket - drama - patonque - art really made the tour come alive.
    Our tour guide did not have any information to share with the students - I really missed that educational portion of the tour. She also did not research such as where the restaurant was - we walked in circles many times because she did not know where we were going. There were two times in particular where she took the group through an extremely crowded area without informing the group of a meeting place first. Covent Garden on a Saturday afternoon - and a market place in Paris also on a Saturday afternoon.
    The timing in London was tight - not enough free time for the students. The day of the afternoon tea scheduled for 3:00 then dinner at 5:00 - one or both should have been rescheduled.
    The timing in Paris was horrid - expecting the students to experience the Louvre in 45 minutes is ridiculous. Having lunch at 2:15 and then dinner at 5:00 - very poor planning.
    MrsT / Group leader
    Colorado Springs, CO / Posted on April 07, 2017
  10. A Trip I won't Forget

    Thinking about this trip still gives me butterflies in my stomach. This whole trip filled me with thrills, and it was almost like I could feel dopamine surging through me. Although there were some parts that were poorly planned, like transportation, the overall experience of the trip was once in a lifetime. Can't wait to travel with EF Tours again!
    callahanc512 / Student traveler
    Posted on January 23, 2017

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