Bertil Hult

Founder of EF: Education First
Bertil Hult started EF Education First in the basement of his university dorm room in Lund, Sweden when he was just 23 years old. Bertil Hult’s childhood struggles with dyslexia coupled with the years he’d spent in London as a teen helped him personally see the benefits of experiential learning and cultural immersion.

His business idea to provide educational, culturally immersive travel was simple, yet radical for its time, and was the first step in creating what has become the world’s largest private education organization.

Today, the 13 divisions comprise more than 460 schools and offices in over 50 locations, with an international network of 35,000 staff. Each division offers a range of educational options: online and local language schools, educational travel, academic degrees and cultural exchange.

Today, Bertil Hult is semi-retired and focuses much of his energy on the charities he’s involved with, including the Mentor Foundation—dedicated to fighting drug abuse—as well as a range of initiatives aimed to help dyslexic students achieve academic success.

Bertil Hult ‘s sons, Philip and Eddie, are all currently involved in leading EF Education First, ensuring that the spirit and mission of the company founded by their father remains as strong as ever: to break down the barriers of language, culture, and geography.

Inspire your students through culturally immersive educational travel.