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  1. Great Trip, Except for the Food and Hotels!

    Great trip and knowledgeable and friendly tour guides. Hotels and included meals were very disappointing.
    BethesdaJack / Adult traveler
    Bethesda, Maryland / Posted on July 06, 2013
  2. Rich and real...

    The Russian Rhapsody Tour will take your through the gamut of experiences, from the sacred and divine to the absurd and incomprehensible. Further, Moscow and St. Petersburg are vastly different Russian cities, so the experience will almost seem like seeing two countries. Visiting Russia is not like visiting any other country, and you will leave moved and enriched...
    Demetra / Group leader
    Knoxville, TN / Posted on June 19, 2013
  3. plane ride there and home was tough

    We got stuck in a center seat on the plane and pretty far from my friends. It would have been nice to sit with friends and to stretch my legs better on an isle seat.
    lisal / Student traveler
    San Antonio, Texas / Posted on April 28, 2013
  4. wonderful opportunity and experience

    Very interesting and educational tour. The EF tour director was top notch - very informative. The tour guide in Moscow was excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone going to Moscow. Alot of current and historical information. You can tell he loves his city. Hotels and food were good. Might have enjoyed the opportunity to visit local restaurants for dinner. The only real negative to the trip would be the flight to and from Russia. I would be nice to be able to get our seat assignments when the flight is booked so that we have an opportunity to sit with friends and family members, and get the ability to have an isle or window seat on the flight.
    Janninin / Adult traveler
    San Antonio, Texas / Posted on April 20, 2013

    This trip was amazing and as my first time out of state let alone country, EF Tours really created a safe environment for me to enjoy such an unusual and exotic country. The places visited were awe-inspiring as was the cultural aspect our tour guide made sure we were introduced to. As a group, we were never left with nothing to do so no time was wasted staring at a wall and idly wondering how to sound out Cyrilic. This trip was everything and more of what me and my parents had wished it to be.
    Travelerfromadistance / Student traveler
    Posted on March 18, 2013
  6. Learning Experience

    Our daughter learned how to communicate in a different language and how to appreciate other views of the world and manage herself abroad. Her exprience in the Hermitage is something that her grandchildren will hear about in addition to looking at the book she bought on it.
    Travelerfromadistance / Parent
    Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas / Posted on March 17, 2013
  7. Great trip but not what was advertised

    The Russian Rhapsody trip was excellent thanks to the outstanding tour guide that we had in Russia. The hotels were very nice and safe (Holiday Inns) and the food in both was very good.

    However, the trip was advertised as a 9 day trip, but was really only 6 days. Day 1 - we flew out at 4:15 pm. Day 2 - we arrived at the hotel at 7pm and ate and went to bed. Day 9 - we left St. Petersburg on a 6am flight.

    We tried to book the extension, but were told that there were not enough people. However, while talking to the other participants, they received the same information when they wanted the extension also!!!

    Our tour guide went above and beyond her duties and took us into the city by metro when there was nothing planned for the evening. She looked up performances, ballets, and river cruises for us to do in the evenings and then accompanied us there.

    EF really should provide evening activities for the students and adults other than sitting in the hotels - which are never centrally located. I have given this suggestion for my last four (4) EF trips. (At least this time the hotels were close to the metro stations).

    Lastly, the reason why teachers book with EF is because it is a student based group. I am confused why 2 separate adult groups were booked on our trip. (one with 6 and one with 4 adults). Adults and students have different interests. We were told when we booked that there would be 25 students other than my group. However, there were 18 students in total with my group and 20 adults. You need to be honest with your participants as to the enrollees on each tour.

    In terms of value, our Russian Guide made it an amazing trip, the hotels, food and buses were good, but in terms of the number of days I am not sure that it was such a good value for SIX (6) DAYS.
    Essie / Group leader
    MIAMI, FL / Posted on July 04, 2011
  8. Great Experience

    Russia had a lot to offer. It was fun, yet a learning experience. It was very interesting to learn of different tsars and Communist leaders. People asked me before the trip why I was going, to tell the truth I wasn't sure. Now, I saw why wouldn't you want to go. Trips to the Winter Palace and Red Square was an experience that will never be forgotten. I would highly recommend it and would go back in a heartbeat.
    MattPeaches55 / Student traveler
    Trenton, NJ / Posted on October 13, 2010
  9. Once in a Lifetime

    My son took advantage of this opportunity his junior year in high school. He expressed an interest in the trip as soon as a poster was displayed in the fall. My husband and I discussed the trip and decided this was not an experience we could ever provide for him-it is conceivable that our family would take a trip to Europe, but not Russia. Our son subsequently went to Russia and had an wonderful time. EF took care of every detail and the students were exposed to some incredible history, artwork and culture. Our son and his friends were provided opportunities we never expected. When a change in flights to Moscow occurred at the last minute, EF made arrangements for them to spend a day sightseeing in Frankfurt, not sitting at an airport. They went to a circus, museums, cathedrals and parks. They were even afforded the opportunity to spend an evening interacting with Russian students their age. When airline fuel costs were reduced shortly before the group left, we were sent an email notifying us of an approximately $100.00 refund we would be receiving later in the month. I can't say enough good things about this experience. As parents, my husband and I felt good about the planning and care which EF took to make this experience unforgettable.
    JD1234 / Parent
    columbus Ohio / Posted on September 02, 2010
  10. Incredible Balance

    There was an almost perfect balance of opportunities to discover the cities on our own and guided tours. One of the best surprises was Tallinn which turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip!
    Bozo / Student traveler
    Bozeman, MT / Posted on August 13, 2010

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