Future Travel Voucher Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to any Future Travel Voucher (“Travel Voucher”) issued by EF Educational Tours (“EF”), in connection with EF tours scheduled to depart after September 30, 2021. The most current Booking Conditions at the time of departure will apply to any traveler enrolling on an EF Educational Tour pursuant to a Voucher redemption, and are available at www.eftours.com/bc. (COVID-19 Future Travel Voucher terms are available here.)

What is a Future Travel Voucher?
A Future Travel Voucher retains the value of all money paid into a traveler’s account, less the cost of any Global Travel Protection plan purchased, which can be applied to any EF tours or language product with a departure date prior to the Future Travel Voucher’s expiration date. Travelers are able to apply an EF Travel Voucher to a tour that departs up to 25 months after the month their original tour was scheduled to depart. Future Travel Vouchers are transferrable at the face value of the voucher to members of the traveler’s immediate family or school community. The Future Travel Voucher is not a merchandise credit or a gift certificate and may not be redeemed for cash unless specifically noted on the voucher. Travelers who had booked their program by redeeming a previously issued Future Travel Voucher, including COVID-19 Future Travel Vouchers, may have different terms and options available to them based on the originally issued voucher terms.

Vouchers issued and redeemed by the original traveler may not be combined with future discounts, scholarships, or other special incentives if the same discounts, scholarships, or other special incentives existed on the original tour. The original discount amount will apply.

What EF products can a Future Travel Voucher be applied to?
A Future Travel Voucher can be applied to travel with EF Educational Tours, EF Explore America, EF College Study, EF Tours for Girls, EF Ultimate Break, EF Go Ahead Tours, EF Gap Year, and EF Language Schools. Rebooking is subject to availability on travel programs.

How can I enroll on an EF program using my Future Travel Voucher?

EF Educational Tours
Call 800-665-5364 to enroll

EF Explore America
Call 888-333-9756 to enroll

EF College Study
Call 877-485-4184 to enroll

EF Gap Year
Call 800-726-9746 to enroll

EF Ultimate Break
Enroll online or call 800-766-2645

EF Go Ahead Tours
Call 800-590-1161 to enroll 

EF Tours for Girls
Call 800-665-5364 to enroll  

EF Language Schools
Call 800-992-1892 to enroll 

What can a Future Travel Voucher be used for?
It can be used for all components of the tour booked through EF prior to departing on tour including the deposit, program price, Global Travel Protection plan, optional excursions, optional extensions, and rooming supplements.

The Future Travel Voucher cannot be used for:

  • Beverages and meals (when not indicated in itinerary)
  • Transportation to free time activities
  • Customary gratuities (for your Tour Director, bus drivers, and local guides)
  • Porterage or any applicable baggage-handling fees imposed by the airlines
  • Expenses caused by airline rescheduling, cancellations, or delays caused by the airlines, bad weather, or events beyond EF’s control
  • Passport, visa, and reciprocity fees or any other fees associated with entry to a specific destination

When I redeem a Future Travel Voucher, can I split the value across multiple accounts?
A Future Travel Voucher cannot be divided into multiple accounts, unless the traveler applies the voucher to a future tour and the voucher amount is higher than the price of the new tour. The traveler can then utilize the remaining portion of the Travel Voucher on another EF product for themselves or a member of their immediate family or community. All travel needs to be departing prior to the Future Travel Voucher expiration date.

If I cannot use my Future Travel Voucher, can I transfer it to someone else?
Yes, Future Travel Vouchers can be given or sold to any person in your family or community for future travel or participation on any EF program.

How do I transfer my Future Travel Voucher?
Travelers can share their Future Travel Voucher Redemption Code, and the person they transferred the Future Travel Voucher to can provide that redemption code to Customer Service. Or the original traveler can call in to Customer Service and provide the individual’s name to whom they are giving or selling the Future Travel Voucher.

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