6-5 months prior to departure

Special requests
We do our best to accommodate special requests, such as individual dietary needs and specific evening activities for your tour, but we cannot guarantee them. It is best to send your requests to your tour consultant as early as possible. However, the deadline to submit special requests is 120 days prior to departure.

Theater performances (if applicable)
If your itinerary includes a theater performance, let us know if you prefer a musical or a play. Please understand, however, that all ticket reservations are subject to availability and the newest shows are the most difficult to secure. If theater is not included in your itinerary, you may purchase your own tickets in advance. However, only do so after your tour and date are confirmed.

Recruiting new travelers
Encourage new enrollments! Hold several meetings throughout the tour planning process. Invite travelers who have already enrolled and any interested potential travelers.

Traveler’s Handbook
Each of your travelers will receive his or her own handbook in the mail two to three weeks after they enroll. Use your copy to show them all the important pre-tour information inside that is designed specifically for students and their parents.

Travel documents
Remind travelers that they will need to obtain their own passports and visas. Travelers are responsible for meeting the requirements of each location visited, including airports through which you will transfer.
  • Passports: All travelers require a passport valid for at least six months after the end of the tour and can apply at the post office or at travel.state.gov. On your Group Status Report, check that the first, middle and last names of all travelers are spelled exactly as they appear on their passports. Any name changes after 110 days prior to departure will incur charges of at least $100 and up to the fee of the new published fare ticket. If a traveler tries to use a ticket with an incorrect name, he or she will not be allowed to board the plane. Request a photocopy of each traveler’s passport to verify that each has been signed by its owner and that the name matches the name on your Group Status Report. Passports can take up to 14 weeks to process. Always check the State Department website for current processing time.
  • Non-U.S. citizens (if applicable): Travelers who are not U.S. citizens should contact the consulates of the locations they will be visiting or transferring through about any visa requirements.
  • Visa requirements (if applicable): Visas are required for some tour destinations including Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Kenya, Russia, Tanzania and Vietnam. All travelers must submit their own applications and obtain their own visas, both for locations they are visiting and those they are passing through. However, Russian visas need to be processed as a group. You are responsible for processing your group’s visas through Zierer Visa Service. U.S. citizens can call Zierer Visa Service toll-free at 1-866-788-1100 or visit zvs.com for assistance in obtaining the necessary tourist visas, which may require a fee. On the phone, mention account number "73032" to receive a discount. Online, enter account number "73032". Please note that visa information is subject to change; check the destination’s website for the most up-to-date requirements.
Group special travel and tour extension (if applicable)
If you’ve made plans for group special travel, re-confirm who will participate in any special travel arrangements you’ve made, including a stay-ahead or a stay-behind. Similarly, make sure you know which travelers plan to join you on the tour’s extension.

Individual special travel (if applicable)
If any of your travelers have decided to make special travel plans on their own, encourage them to submit their requests by 120 days prior to departure, as the final deadline is 110 days prior. Individual special travel includes stay-aheads/stay-behinds, flying from an alternate domestic gateway and making one’s own flight arrangements (land only). Remind travelers not to finalize any plans or purchase airline tickets until the tour and dates have been confirmed. Please note that special travel requests are booked separately from the group itinerary and therefore travelers may fly on an alternate round-trip itinerary.