Build confidence, connections, and credit—out in the world

Leading an EF tour truly is a win-win, learn-learn, grow-grow situation for you and your students. In the process of giving them a global perspective, you’ll bring a new mindset back to your classroom. And the professional growth that educational travel inspires can make you a leader at your school.

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Every EF travel experience is an opportunity to grow professionally. Seeking out new sources of inspiration and watching your students do the same can only improve your practice. But if you want credit for all that career growth, there are three ways to earn that, too.

A free training tour

Experience a tour before you lead one—and earn 25 professional learning hours or points as you collaborate with like-minded educators.

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Graduate-level credit

Complete a travel-based course through our partner, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), to earn three or six credits.

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Student travel, led by you

Get 45 professional learning hours or points through experiential learning research and reflection with every EF tour you lead.

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All our tours are designed to help students discover more about themselves, the world, and their place in the world. From confidence to college credit, the takeaways are worth the trip.

We’re giving away a free professional learning tour to Berlin, so don’t miss the chance to travel with EF before inviting your students along for the journey!