EF Education First and Nobel Prize Museum—an educational partnership

There is no such thing as a typical Nobel Prize winner. In fact, there could be a future Nobel Prize winner sitting in your classroom. They just need to be inspired. Our collaboration with the Nobel Prize Museum aims to do precisely that. We’re building exciting opportunities for students to pursue bold goals, take risks, and dare to think differently. And when they do, their work could be exhibited right next to those of Nobel Prize winners in the Nobel Prize Museum.

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Start empowering tomorrow’s innovators

For our first initiative with the Nobel Prize Museum, we challenged students to dream big at the Global Leadership Summit in Iceland. Their mission? Solving one of today’s most pressing issues—The Future of Energy. With the chance for two teams to have their solutions hanging in the Nobel Prize Museum, students worked together on their ideas, heard from renowned speakers like Nobel Prize winner Dr. Steven Chu and ignited their curiosity, creativity and confidence. Today, both teams’ winning ideas are displayed next to the works of Albert Einstein and Marie Curie as proof that when you inspire today’s students—you create tomorrow’s innovators.

Watch students present their solutions to the global energy crisis during the Global Leadership Summit in Iceland

Your students’ journey of discovery starts here

Many Nobel Laureates can name the moment that set them on their path to greatness. To encourage students to embrace their journey, we co-authored Nobel Journeys with the Nobel Prize Museum to share the inspirational stories of ten Nobel Prize winners and the educational experiences that inspired them to change the world. Download a free copy and accompanying lesson plan for your classroom, and show your students that great ideas can come from anyone, at any time.

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