This is Service Learning with EF

Forge a (literal) path in a national park. Get your hands dirty on an urban farm. Plant something. Start a conversation with a stranger. Help introduce an endangered species back into the wild. Band together. Swing a hammer. Sort school supplies for families in need. Taste a different food. Build a greenhouse. Serve a meal. Follow directions. Help others do the same. Get inspired by the kind of progress you can see, and the kind of change you can feel.

Ready to dig in?

Immersive Programs + Meaningful Service Projects

On a Service Learning tour, your students work with established nonprofits, NGOs, and locals on community-driven projects. Through hands-on work and exposure to the new cultures, students learn collaboration and problem-solving skills while making contributions that are both meaningful and sustainable.

Our impact report explores the tangible differences travelers have made in Peru, the Dominican Republic, Tanzania, and beyond—and highlights the more intangible, perspective-shifting changes they take home with them.

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What sets us apart

Meaningful service

Working side by side with community members, your students will gain insight into the challenges they face and build long-term solutions to help empower the community.

Watch it in action

Leadership development

Your Field Director will take your group’s service experience even further, strengthening students’ leadership skills through activities and workshops.

See how it comes to life

Cultural immersion

You and your group will stay in the communities you serve—learning about other ways of life and forming lasting connections with locals.

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Established partners

We partner with nonprofits and NGOs who are ingrained in these communities and who ensure your students’ work makes a real, sustainable impact.

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Energized? Intrigued? Not sure where to start?

We can't wait to help you plan the perfect Service Learning experience for you and your students.