Soak up Portugal’s unique culture

There are pockets of sunshine all over Portugal. You can find it in the hand-painted yellow tiles, the scorched tops of custard tarts, the lemon trees that line coastal roads. This icon of the Iberian Peninsula has been giving travelers a warm welcome for centuries (its capital city of Lisbon is older than Rome, London, and Paris). And it’s ready to welcome you and your students, too.

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In Portugal, there’s a name for singing your heart out: Fado. These centuries-old ballads that tell the hardships of everyday life are so celebrated here that they’ve even earned a spot on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Read more about the story behind the sounds on our blog.

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“Portugal has a rustic old-world charm, and the coastal areas are full of culture and beauty. We saw orange, olive, and cork groves as far as the eye could see.”

—Teacher from Makawao, HI