Popular tours

Popular Tours

Excitement for these tours is off the charts

People can’t stop talking about our top tours. The itineraries in this travel collection are chosen time and time again by teachers, students, and parents. It’s easy to see why. From tasting cultural cuisine to discovering hidden gems, these destinations deliver every time.

Peru: Cuzco, Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca Explore Inca ruins then take a cruise on majestic Lake Titicaca.
9 to 11 days View tour
Cuisine & Culture in Northern Italy Discover how northern Italy serves up world-famous cuisine.
12 days View tour
Lisbon, Seville & Madrid Experience Castelo de Sao Jorge, a flamenco show, the Prado, and more.
9 to 11 days View tour
Berlin, Prague, Krakow & Budapest Visit cities that were at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe after WWII.
10 to 12 days View tour
Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam Explore the Grand Palace, Angkor Wat, and a floating market.
11 to 14 days View tour
Journey Down Under From afar, New Zealand and Australia may seem similar. An up-close look reveals distinct cultures and personalities.
12 to 15 days View tour
France, Germany & the Alps See the Eiffel Tower, the Alps, and Neuschwanstein Castle.
9 to 11 days View tour
A Capital Connection Spend three full days in Paris before going to London for two days.
8 to 11 days View tour
Costa Rica & Panama Experience the natural wonders of two Central American countries.
9 or 11 days View tour
Epic Greece From ancient architecture to legendary leaders, experience Greece’s epic history.
10 days View tour
Bell’Italia Consider the deeper meaning of “Beautiful Italy” as you experience its art, history and culture.
9 to 11 days View tour
Charting the Galápagos Islands Walk in Darwin’s footsteps on this fascinating archipelago.
9 to 12 days View tour

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