Panama, a medley of wonders

Panama has a natural soundtrack: it's an orchestra of waterfalls and bird calls mixed with Caribbean drum beats and the hum of city life—a fitting backdrop for lively communities, modern marvels like the Panama Canal, and the colorful wildlife that bring STEM topics to life. Walk along the modern streets of Panama City, touch the vibrant textiles, and get a sense for the rhythm of the rainforest. You can experience it all in Panama.

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More than meets the eye

Even with the modern skyline of Panama City, Panama is an old soul. A quick canoe ride to the Emberá village, overflowing with vibrant textiles and communal dance moves, can prove it. Follow a group of students on this time-bending journey in our photo essay.

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“The itinerary combined science, culture, and history in a spectacular way. Tour leaders were warm, engaged, and knowledgeable, and we never worried about our son's health or safety while we was away. Kudos to EF Tours all around for a truly impressive program.”

—Parent from Atlanta, GA