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Traveling with EF isn’t just about going places and seeing things. It’s about discovering the authentic experiences and off-the-beaten-path destinations that you didn’t even know were on your bucket list. And on our tours that go beyond the beaten path, which feature our favorite hidden gems and little-known spots, you and your students can connect with the surrounding culture the way only a local could.

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Here are some of the makers you’ll meet.

Annika: Street art ambassador

Bristol, England is a mecca for mural artists thanks to its (elusive) hometown hero: Banksy. Local street artists like Annika love showing travelers the spray-painted streets of their city, and even help them channel their creativity through street art workshops. Annika’s favorite thing about Bristol? You never see the same city twice.

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Antonio: Buffalo mozzarella master

If you want to see how traditional buffalo mozzarella is made, make a pilgrimage to Italy’s Campania region. There you’ll find cheesemaker Antonio—along with plenty of water buffalo. Here you and your students can experience the generations-old process of making mozzarella, and sample it straight from the source.

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“We got to learn about the lifestyles of people from Italy from an Italian point of view. This tour went beyond my expectations and made me crave traveling more.”

—Student from Hailey, ID