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  1. Amazing Experience!

    I can't say enough about how amazing an experience this trip was for me and my students. All of the locations offered something new to see and learn. Our tour guide, Christian, was absolutely outstanding and worked incredibly hard to make sure we saw that each place had to offer. From the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben to the raw beauty of Switzerland, this your will offer something for everyone!
    MAC1975 / Group leader
    Camden, DE / Posted on July 24, 2016
  2. Jaw dropping experience of a lifetime

    This tour was my first going international and I can say I was not disappointed one bit. In Venice we got to see amazing and historic tour we had most of the day to our selves, my only gripe with Venice was we only had about one day. On our way to Switzerland we stopped at lake Como which was absolutely breath taking-ly beautiful it looked like something out of a movie. When we arrived in Lucerne it was a Sunday a lot of the shops were closed but they was still enough to do with our I really enjoyed the German/ Swiss buildings. then in the afternoon we take a boat on the Lucerne lake to Mt. Pilatus. The lake was breath taking as well. We went up the steepest train in Europe to get to the top of the mountain it was a little nerve racking but very fun at the same time. When we got the top I just could not believe the view, we got lucky and it was a 100% clear day and you could see everything for miles and miles. When we finally arrived in Paris after a 3 hour train ride, we instantly went to Notre Dame and what a breath taking view that was. After Notre Dame we went to Saint-Chapelle which it was a littler annoying that your have to go through airport type security to see a church but because your in a government building. The stain glass inside Chapelle is something to behold with the sun illuminating the chapel. The next day in Paris we took a bus tour around the heart of Paris, we stopped and visited the Arc de Triumph and Eiffel tower and we saw several other amazing sights. After that we basically had the afternoon-evening to ourselves. The next day we went to Louvre which good trying to see everything but there are so many great pieces of art in there and of course you have got to see the Mona Lisa. Overall I am very with trip there were a few things that were mildly annoying but they were very easy to look past with how great everything was. I will absolutely be traveling with EF again and as well our tour director from Italy was the best, she always had control of a situation and was very kind and funny.
    Galaxy / Student traveler
    Council Bluffs, Iowa / Posted on August 18, 2018
  3. Average

    Way too many flights, long layovers and long wait in airport with wasted time after arrival in Milan.
    Food was below par with little or no protein, or vegetables, consisted mostly of carbohydrates.
    Tour manager was excellent. She related well to all tour members and was very knowledgeable as well as multi-lingual. She also navigated the various countries' transportation systems with ease and efficiency. She helped compensate for the shortcomings of the tour.
    Congolia / Adult traveler
    Coudersport, PA / Posted on June 30, 2018
  4. Delightful Travels

    This travel experience was able to cover cities and landscape which catered to a traveler's diverse needs for exploration. The tour guide was phenomenal and encouraged us to really absorb the beauty and history around us.
    RosatheExplorer / Adult traveler
    Orlando, FL / Posted on June 28, 2018
  5. Disappointed

    Most disorganized and frustrating trip I have been on.
    Student1416 / Student traveler
    Coudersport, PA / Posted on June 27, 2018
  6. Memories being made

    My trip was amazing! Our tour director was incredible, the sights were beautiful and our group went from not knowing each other to becoming a family. It did start off a little rough with one of the groups we got stuck with. They were drinking and smoking every night. However I do understand that that’s not really something EF can fix. I had an amazing time and will forever remember this trip!
    Lulu123 / Student traveler
    Tulsa Oklahoma / Posted on June 27, 2018
  7. A wonderful experience!

    This tour was amazing from the start! Our tour guide was knowledgeable and kind, always trying to make sure that everyone safley enjoyed the experience. The trip started us Italy, where we got a taste of wonderfully rich food, meeting passionate people, and an a chance to be immersed into an historical environment of grandeur! The next stop was Switzerland’s Apls, where you learn the beauty of nature! We got to know the long history of a beautiful country and the hand carved symbols that remind the future of the past. Next was Paris, the city of magic! It was purely unforgettable from the streets you walk, to the paintings and art at the Louvre, to wonderful people you meet along the way. The final city, London, which at first was overwhelming, but so inspirational! From the Tower of London to Buckingham Palace, everything was amazing! This is an amazing trip that I would gladly take every year and a trip I would highly recommend!
    Vons / Adult traveler
    Orlando, Florida / Posted on June 22, 2018
  8. Great experience

    My experience with this trip was amazing with the perfect tour guide pier and great schedule.
    Buttlet / Student traveler
    Orlando, Florda / Posted on June 20, 2018
  9. Unforgettable experience!

    I would repeat it every year. I loved!
    Maximiliano / Student traveler
    Merritt Island, Fl / Posted on April 16, 2018
  10. Whirlwind but worth it!

    We began in Italy, Verona on the way to Jesolo (our hotel). Both were wonderful. We ferried to Venice, enjoyed a relaxed, informative walking tour, and later rode a gondola. Had time to discover Venice. I would skip the glass blowing.
    Next we move on to the Alps, our Florida group had a snowball fight and it was awesome! Many of our kids had never seen snow. The following day we went up Mt. Rigi; by far one of the most awesome experiences of my life. White out conditions!! Took a train up and an enclosed high lift down.
    Train to Paris was next on the itinerary. We had a great experience, but three days was too long. Many students would have preferred to be in London for the third day once we got there.
    Took the bullet to London and enjoyed a bus tour that was unmatched. The best local guide! We also had some very authentic experiences. Some of our group saw the changing of the guard, and some went to Churchhill's bunker.
    This is my fifth trip as a teacher chaperone and one of my best. I recommend this itinerary. Our Tour Director was the best we have EVER had.
    Along4fun / Adult traveler
    Cocoa, FL / Posted on April 09, 2018

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