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  1. Most memorable experience

    This trip opened up my eyes as to how people live in different countries. I never expected to travel as much as I did and it was amazing. The tour director was amazing and provided us with lots of information about each place we visited.
    Sage308852 / Student traveler
    Watsonville California / Posted on July 31, 2017
  2. Absolutely amazing experience

    The Grand Tour was absolutely amazing. I still cannot believe that my daughter and I visited 9 beautiful countries. We will cherish every moment of experiencing the people, culture, food and the history of each country. We would recommend EFTours to everyone.
    Texans / Group leader
    San Antonio, Texas / Posted on July 16, 2017
  3. Just The Greatest

    Oh my god, it was nothing short of amazing. Long and amazing. The countries were so memorable, and even the people with us made it all more memorable. I thoroughly loved it and our tour guide was the best. I had such a good time seeing europe, though i was not a fan of paying to use the restroom. I loved how amsterdam and other countries had dedicated bike lanes, i love the freshness of the food and now it makes me want to change how we live here in america. Thank you EF for such an amazing experience, i hope to go on another one of your tours again.
    / Student traveler
    Valley Center, California / Posted on August 07, 2016
  4. An Surreal Experience

    Being in Europe for 28 was such a Surreal Experience. It felt as if you were just living in a daze or a very long dream. I loved every second of it and all of the accommodations provided by Eftours, especially the pink Eftour Bus. Overall, I am not able to put my experience into many words, but just know it was the best decision I have ever made in my life.
    / Student traveler
    Atlanta,Georgia / Posted on July 18, 2016
  5. Life-changing trip

    Overall phenomenal trip. The balance between visiting tourist destinations and smaller, more local spots was perfect. Our tour director was FANTASTIC and connected with each of us on a personal level in a way I will never forget. This trip was so much more than just sightseeing and photo ops, it touched each one of us emotionally and encouraged us to view the world in a new light. I wish I could describe this feeling accurately in writing, but I don't think it would ever be the same. Thank you EF Tours!
    CBear / Student traveler
    Atlanta, Georgia / Posted on July 02, 2016
  6. Grand Tour

    The trip was an experience of a lifetime. Locations and sites were well planned out and included everything I wanted to see. The downfall was the poor quality of accommodations. The trip would have been perfect if we had nicer places to sleep and relax.
    Cowguy / Student traveler
    Spokane, WA / Posted on August 09, 2018
  7. Great Trip, Awful Dinners, Wishing 4 closer hotels

    My son and I recently attended an EF Grand Tour of Europe. Overall, I was extremely pleased with our Tour Director and Local Guides, and very impressed with the smooth logistics. I have lived in several of the areas we visited and knew them well, and I thought EF did a great job of hitting the highlights. I would have definitely added another star if the dinners hadn't been so terrible and if the hotels had been closer to things you'd want to see (The accommodations were great, just completely out of the way so time was wasted traveling to and from, and there wasn't a lot to see in the evenings which felt like time wasted).

    By far my biggest complaint was the food provided by EF. The lousy continental breakfasts provided by the hotels were sort of expected, but the incredible low quality of most of the dinners were not expected. The description for the tours said we would "Be immersed in local, regional-style meals." With exception to one great dinner in France, one good dinner in Italy, and two great dinners in Greece, the dinners were awful and the farthest thing possible from regional cuisine. I wasn't expecting Florentine steak every meal in Italy, but to have a nasty hamburger patty with mashed potatoes (Two things that do not exist in Italian fare) was really disappointing. Local food is perhaps one of the most important cultural aspects throughout Europe, and while we did find amazing food on our own at lunch, the included dinners weren't just disatisfying or unappealing, they were largely rather disgusting and pathetically Americanized (I write all of this knowing that these tours are largely geared toward the kids, but this food was a disservice to the experience as a whole).

    The other big beef I had was the location of the hotels. Almost all of them were located clear out of town, away from any sort of points of interest in largely industrial areas. European cities are best seen in the evenings, if not the night, and except for a few cities, we were so far out of town and in such seedy areas that you didn't really want to leave the hotel. I understand keeping unsupervised kids away from the main squares or a bit out of the way for their own safety, but I do feel like the quality of the trip as a whole was greatly reduced because of the time wasted travelling into and out of town to remote hotels.

    We did see a lot of amazing stuff, and we really did have a great time. The trip as a whole was a great memory for me and for my son, but it would have been the greatest thing ever if the dinners hadn't been awful, pseudo American concoctions and we had been able to explore in the evenings a little more.
    IncludedFoodWasNasty / Adult traveler
    Salt Lake City, UT / Posted on July 23, 2018
  8. Experience of a lifetime

    The trip was so immersive! Could not have asked for a better graduation gift!
    Lonestar / Adult traveler
    Posted on August 16, 2017
  9. Great opportunity...

    It would have been better if it was actually supervised.
    Kaydee / Student traveler
    Winter Haven, Florida / Posted on July 18, 2017
  10. disappointed

    Was not happy with the supervision that my child had while on this trip...
    Kaydee / Parent
    Winter Haven, Florida / Posted on July 10, 2017

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