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  1. Highly recommended

    This trip was everything I had hoped for and more. Each country was special in its own way. The historical sites were breathtaking! The hotels were wonderful. The food was outstanding. There is, however, a qualification. This is no trip for the weak. The heat and humidity in June are overwhelming at times. If you are not comfortable walking and sweating a lot each day, this is not the trip for you. Leave your makeup at home and enjoy this amazing adventure!
    Wldtvlr50 / Group leader
    Hannibal, MO / Posted on June 19, 2017
  2. Wonderful experience

    Visiting Vietnam, Cambodia and UAE was a unique experience for me. Of the three countries I enjoyed Ho Chi Ming City best. There was an energy to that city I did not expect. Cambodia and UAE were fascinating as well. I'm not sure I would go back to any of these countries but I'm so glad I went. EF Tours take care of everything for you (if you like that sort of thing). It's particularly helpful in countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. They find interesting things to do that you might not find on your own.
    Traveler007 / Adult traveler
    Westport, CT / Posted on July 07, 2014
  3. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

    We have just returned from this eleven day trip. We added three days on our own, at the end of the trip. It was fantastic! Each country had its own tour guide and each was great. All of us in the group agreed this was an amazing experience.
    One note of caution, the visas needed are expensive. Other than that, we thought we got our money's worth, over and over.
    The food was fabulous, the sites were marvelous, the transportation and hotels were first class. We have been with EF for many years and not all of our trips have been so utterly fantastic. But, this is one everyone should definitely do!!
    JuneBride / Group leader
    Wilsonville, Oregon / Posted on July 10, 2011
  4. Most memorable 2 weeks of my life

    Do it when your young so that you remember it longer.

    On our trip we went to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand for our International Business class. We practiced our negotiation skills and did a lot of business research.

    I will never forget the experience Bangkok is vibrant city and so beautiful. We did some shopping at the local mall and got some great deals.

    Cambodia Does not get very many tourist so when they see a foreigner you get a lot of attention. I felt somewhat uncomfortable because they kept pointing and laughing at one of our group members who was overweight and African.

    Vietnam has so much going on its just to much to describe. We had someone get quarantined because the officials thought he was sick but they let him go in 36 hours and the fun began.
    firsttimer / Student traveler
    Bellevue Washington / Posted on July 23, 2010
  5. Incredible trip

    My daughter was inspired by the amazing people she met, the historical sights she saw and the diverse ways of life she witnessed on this trip. Cambodia, especially, will always be in her heart. She always felt safe and well cared for on this trip. I was glad for the opportunity she had to visit these amazing countries.
    AnotherHappyMom / Parent
    Missoula, MT / Posted on July 22, 2010
  6. Exotic and hot!

    This tour provided a taste of three unique countries in southeast Asia: the bustling Vietnamese city of Saigon, the historic Cambodian town of Siam Reap, and the Thailand capital of Bangkok. Side trips out of the cities were provided, but the bulk of our time was spent in the more populous areas. Be prepared for heat and humidity: we regularly spent several hour blocks in the sun and heat. EF was wonderful about providing cold water at stops and on the bus. Also be prepared for outstanding cuisine! SE Asia food is delicious and the fruit is the best I've ever had.
    One big difference in this tour is that we had theee different tour directors (one for each country) and no "step-on" guides.
    Kirkwood / Adult traveler
    St. Louis, Missouri / Posted on June 19, 2017
  7. Amazing

    Life changing experience - saw things and did things that would not exjperience in the USA
    Gnhsewc / Student traveler
    Chicago, il / Posted on June 17, 2017
  8. Astounding Asia!

    My first trip to Asia was amazing! 3 very knowledgeable tour directors immersed us in the wonders of these ancient cultures. The food was delectable and the sites and sounds I experienced in urban Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok and the countryside of Siem Reap are unforgettable.
    AfricanDreamer / Adult traveler
    E. Stroudsburg, PA / Posted on August 07, 2016
  9. SEAsia

    Excellent guides and varied tours of culture and history. Food was amazing. Bus drivers and hotels were most accommodating! Add a silk farm or eucalyptus paper-making tour next time!
    Arty / Adult traveler
    Mount Joy, PA / Posted on August 06, 2016
  10. Phenomenal Excursion!

    This was an experience that will last a lifetime. It was something that no family could do on their own, and EF made it not only manageable, but easy and accessible! The educational component was extremely strong, and the food was delectable. This was the best EF experience I have had so far, and I cannot wait for more! Thanks, EF, for making the world my students' classroom and mine!
    thailove / Group leader
    Buffalo, NY / Posted on July 21, 2016

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