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  1. Trip of a life time

    What a marvelous adventure . A delight for all the senses the eyes , the ears , the mind. The Architecture and the rich history like stepping back in time. Each place we visited was enchanting the food delicious. The Gondolas and the art of the greats. All was in comfort and the details were all taken care of. Felt like royalty and family at the same time. The variety of experiences boats and trollies. Lots of time for sipping espresso and photos . I can truly say this trip met all my expectations .
    Cousins / Adult traveler
    Tucson ,Arizona / Posted on April 16, 2018
  2. Best week of my life

    Everything the group attended was jam packed with fun adventure and memories to last a lifetime. this trip was the best week of my life, and my friends were by my side to experience with me. the supervised freedom was very exciting and meeting others from around the country was very cool. we want to lucerne switzerland, florence, venice, assisi, pisa, and rome in italy. i was gone for ten days but to be honest it flew by i was so sad to go home-bittersweet moment. Each day i woke up excited to learn what was to come. the girls i roomed with were never close friends of mine, but i told them things i haven't told anyone before. the bond we created was amazing (room 411 forever) i can't wait to travel next summer with ef again.
    JJBO / Student traveler
    New Jersey / Posted on July 21, 2017
  3. Outstanding, beautiful, and well-paced!

    This was an outstanding tour with an excellent pace. The tour began in the beautiful Swiss Alps, where we were able to explore Zurich, Lucerne, and Mt. Rigi. The hotel looked out over Lake Lucerne, which was a breathtaking view.

    On the way to Italy, we drove through the Alps--an experience in itself. While in Italy, the pace was much faster, but it allowed us to see so many of Italy's historic cities. There was plenty of free time in Venice, Florence, and Rome, which provided the students great opportunities for exploration. The students loved the winding streets of Venice, the hills and valleys of Florence, and the art and architecture of Rome. We even had the opportunity to stop in Assisi, one of the most peaceful and tranquil places I've encountered.

    We ended the tour with an incredible tour of Pompeii and a relaxing day on the island of Capri. I would highly recommend this tour for both students and parents alike!
    Elle29 / Group leader
    Farmington Hills, MI / Posted on July 19, 2017
  4. Best Two Weeks of my Life!

    This trip was absolutely incredible! I learned more about history, geography, the way people interact, and big-picture analyzation than I have in any class! Our tour director was fantastic; she went out of our way to help us understand, fully answer all of our questions, and spark our curiosity, even when it meant extra work and research on her part. I had never travelled outside the U.S. before, and I think this was a great first experience; EF created a great balance of structured support (tours, meals, making sure we were never alone and always knew where to go) with free time, allowing us to wander and more genuinely feel the culture we were in. It was the perfect balance of being a tourist and a traveler. This tour has given me a global perspective and infected me with the travel bug; I can't wait to explore more of the world, and I now feel I have the tools to be an independent savvy traveler. Thank you so much, EF!
    Musicalclick / Student traveler
    Los Alamos, NM / Posted on July 04, 2017
  5. Life Changing

    I can't thank Ef tours enough for this experience. I was able to see the world in a real way. I was in the church's and buildings that I saw in my textbook and it changed me. To be able to see the amazing church's and structures that were built back then and also to learn about them from a guide was unbelievable. In Italy I got to eat authentic pizza that was absolutely delicious. I also got the chance to immerse myself in their culture. I learned a couple Italian words and ate like a true Italian. Swimming in the Adriatic Sea was a fun experience that I got to share with my friends (and Instagram). Then came Switzerland with its beautiful mountains and rivers. The scenery change from Italy to Switzerland is quite amazing. In Switzerland we went to the top of Mount Rigi and took in the view. From up there the rest of the world looks so small and I'm reminded of how small we really are. I owe thanks to so many people who made this possible. When a young person such as myself is able to travel it makes us better people and more social. This is a experience I will never forget.
    travelsavy / Student traveler
    Eagan, Minnesota / Posted on June 27, 2016
  6. Bucket List

    We toured Switzerland and Italy for 10 days, it was spectacular! Our Tour Guides were way more helpful and fun then I would have ever hoped. EF set up everything with precision; airline tickets, buses, tours, meals, hotels were all set for us so we could go explore without the stress of the logistics. Like with any trip we ran across those bizarre instances that threw a monkey wrench into the plans, but our tour guide dealt with them with ease. The only complaints I heard from our 80+ person group were all based on being in a different culture, for example the most common complaint was that breakfast was horrible; and breakfast is not going to be good indeed if you expect it to be like it is in the US, however our breakfasts were very good if your expected the traditional European breakfast. The sights were amazing, and we had free time to explore on our own. I would highly recommend traveling with EF if you want to see the biggest and best sites in each city you visit with a carefree atmosphere!!! For those parents who worry about sending their children to a different country...I can share first hand as one of those parents, your child will not get lost, they will have plenty to eat and the hotels are extremely clean.
    Wisconsinite / Adult traveler
    Baraboo, Wisconsin / Posted on July 12, 2018
  7. Great Time

    Tour of Switzerland and Italy
    Guides: Experienced, Fun, Considerate Professional.
    Itinerary: Followed Plan, Varied historical and "fun" activities.
    "Free Time" was adequate.
    Hotels: Mediocre at Best. Relatively clean. Air conditioning always an issue. Always located a fair distance from main cities on the tour, however tour group can find interesting things to do near the hotels.
    Meals: Breakfast was ok. European style which is part of the experience. Dinners were mostly ok with a couple that would rate higher. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, accommodations are made however the substitute meal(s) are often disappointing.

    Overall: EF does it's very very best to create a rewarding travel experience for its clients.
    Rube / Adult traveler
    Baraboo Wisconsn / Posted on July 12, 2018
  8. Good Trip

    Good trip but there is room for improvement in the areas of eating and accommodation. I anticipated the accommodations being less than what I normally would choose, but I unfortunately underestimated this by far. Our best stay was in a college dorm and from there it deteriorated in the lack of: A/C, standard showers, lit hallways at night, hot water for showering, decent continental breakfasts, and cleanliness. With a heavy daily itinerary including the time it takes to get back and forth from each motel, it would only make sense to strive for a better night's sleep and better eating. Bed bugs in one location and a dog loose in another were unsettling and cannot be chalked up to "European conditions"...because I have stayed in Europe a number of times and have only experienced an occasional "I wish the A/C was cooler and wow, this is a lot of bread at breakfast". This trip is, however, a lot of bang for your buck with enormous information and making the best of each location. This is a great experience for anyone, students and adults, I just wish the take-away was not "Awesome trip except for accommodation and food provided".
    Switaly / Adult traveler
    Baraboo, WI / Posted on July 11, 2018
  9. Disappointed

    I expected a little more for price paid. Guides were knowledgeable but if you were near end of group you missed 20% or so as they rounded corners and the older stone structures blocked reception. Liked glass blowing demonstration, but was hoping for more from Leather making. Maybe adding a train ride instead of several long bus rides (8 hours) might have been fun and maybe even faster. 75% of the trip seemed to be travel and free time. Lots of interesting sites and got many good pictures. Went on trip mainly to safeguard and spend time with child so take this review as from someone cost conscious and maybe a bit more critical than the usual customer.
    John9999999 / Adult traveler
    Kosciusko, MS / Posted on July 11, 2018
  10. #besttripever

    My recent tour of Switzerland and Italy was amazing. Our group leader was so organized that every day proceeded just as planned. Prior to travel, we were given extensive information on what we should bring on the tour. During the tour, we were thoroughly informed about the expectations for each day prior to departure. It was apparent that great effort was put into meeting the needs of each traveler; therefore, our group leader gets an A+. Our Tour Director met us at the airport with a big smile. With knowledge and humor, he educated and entertained us during the entire trip. Hotels and food were modest, but certainly offset by the beauty and splendor of the areas we visited. EF is an ideal learning experience that is highly recommended for students and adults, and especially for family travel.
    Feyza / Adult traveler
    Hattiesburg, MS / Posted on July 01, 2018

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