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  1. Amazing Experience

    This trip was an amazing experience! The tour was well planned out and providded a wide array of learning opportunities and sightseeing. Our tour guide was superb and an amazing wealth of knowledge. It was nice to have everything set up and planned. The overall experience of seeing the culture and tasting the food as well as seeing how other countries are handling sustainable living to preserve their country for future generations was incredible. We had one of our trains we were scheduled on get cancelled last minute, our tour guide was edficient in handling rhe situation and had us rescheduled within about 30 minutes. We were a small group of 8 that was paired with a larger group. In the beginning it was a little time to get to know each other, and a few times akward but overall in the end we blended and new frienships were made. I was on the tour as a parent with one of my sons and learned so much! Another one of my sons wants to do a trip next year, i was waiting to register until I saw how this tour went. We had such a great experience with EF that I will be signing us up for other tours.
    Supermom72 / Adult traveler
    Sarasota, Fl / Posted on March 28, 2019
  2. Enlightening Experience!

    This trip was an enlightening and educational experience! As a math teacher and for my first tour experience I wanted my students to be exposed to issues more to do with STEM and also couple that experience with some new and different cultures. I planned this tour for my students for about 2 years so I was very satisfied with the outcome. The tour was very well planned out and provided my students vast learning and fun sightseeing opportunities. Our tour guide was funny, engaging, and offered my students alternative perspectives to sustainable living. My students were from an urban area near NYC and the experience of seeing the German and Swiss cultures, tasting different and new foods, and seeing how other countries handle sustainable living was an enlightening and eye opening experience. We had one of our group leaders experience a personal crisis at home, and our tour guide was caring and efficient in handling the matter in a very professional manner. We were a small group of 13 and were grouped with 2 other groups from the West Coast. It was fun for my students to make new friends and even us as group leaders formed lasting friendships. I plan to investigate putting some solar panels on my house and joining some sustainability initiatives. We had a great experience with EF and I would recommend other teachers to sign up for future tours.
    NJGroupLeader / Group leader
    Watchung, NJ / Posted on July 12, 2019
  3. Amazing trip!

    I am very happy that I went on this tour. Meeting new people as well as seeing different parts of Europe was very eye-opening. This was something I’ll remember forever and would definitely recommend to everyone!
    / Student traveler
    Mooresville, NC / Posted on July 07, 2019
  4. Absolutely delightful

    Our tour guide was the absolutely best tour guide ever. He was extremely knowledgeable, flexible, hilarious at times and just a pure delight to be around. We will all miss him very much. Despite my skeptic about sustainability, I have made some changes to my impact on the environment since returning from the trip. I will try to buy local as much as possible and recycle where I can. Linus would be proud and would realize he did a good job because of it.
    jacc / Adult traveler
    Springfield, Ohio / Posted on March 30, 2019
  5. Great Time

    Excellent trip all around.
    Our guide, Linus is AWESOME!!!!
    Areformer / Adult traveler
    Springfield / Posted on March 29, 2019

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