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  1. Amazing Experience

    This was was my first time traveling ever and to be able to go to a different country and see its history was just mind blowing. Tasting authentic food and meeting kids my age and interacting with them was really great. I loved it over all and i hope to be traveling a lot more in the future.
    Itzy / Student traveler
    Anaheim, CA / Posted on September 18, 2014
  2. Incredible Experience!

    This tour exceeded my expectations. I led a very large group of 45 students and adults, and we were all very well taken care of. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgable and went above and beyond to take care of us.

    The tour itself was such an adventure. The sites and cities we visited were unreal. We were able to experience many different aspects of Spanish culture just a few of which were music, dance, and cuisine.

    The travelers all had an unforgettable experience and it was so much fun for me to be able to see my students' eyes opened to another culture. There's only one way to truly experience another culture and that's by experiencing it firsthand. Thanks to EF Tours for putting all of this together. I look forward to the next one!
    GRWyoSpanish / Group leader
    Green River, Wyoming / Posted on August 13, 2014
  3. Educational Adventure

    Our tour guide was flexible and organized. He made sure we made the most of our time in each city. I liked the 2-3 hours of free time in each city. All students used the time in their own way and enjoyed the freedom. The students also appreciated the clear planning as we moved between sites and activities. The guide was well-trained in how to deal with teenagers and the balance of planned activities. We will be touring with EF again!!
    Alegna / Group leader
    Woodbury, MN / Posted on July 06, 2014
  4. grand experience

    she has nothing but great things to say about her experience. she took over 1200 pictures, which shows the excitement and overall quality of the planning and destinations chosen. I am thankful that our child has experienced this once in a lifetime gift.
    4nahaf / Student traveler
    mukwonago WI / Posted on June 28, 2014
  5. Experience Spain

    Great educational/travel experience in every way from incredibly professional and knowledgeable tour guides to comfortable hotels, delicious food and an itinerary that fit everyone's needs.
    Gary22 / Adult traveler
    Mukwonago, Wi / Posted on June 28, 2014
  6. "Experience Spain" a Great Experience!

    The itinerary for Experience Spain was exactly what we were looking for. My students loved seeing La Alhambra in Granada and learned how to dance in Sevilla. We learned how to ride the Metro in Madrid, saw the Royal Palace, and even took a tour of the stadium where Real Madrid plays! Barcelona's Sagrada Familia was beautiful and my students can't wait to come back to eat more to study in college.

    Thanks, EF, for setting us up with a great Tour Director. He was an amazing tour guide and we learned so much from him!

    For others looking to do this tour, I definitely recommend the Barcelona Bike Tour optional. We really enjoyed it!
    SrtaW / Group leader
    Chicago, IL / Posted on June 18, 2014
  7. Excellent

    This was my first organized tour so I do not have a reference point, but the experience was excellent. The guide was knowledgeable, friendly and attentive to the needs of the group. My exposure to Spanish history and culture was beyond any I could have experienced on my own. Besides, being able to tour without the worry of transportation and meals was priceless.
    Inigo / Adult traveler
    Montgomery, AL / Posted on June 18, 2014
  8. Another Amazing Ef Trip

    Spain was more beautiful then I imagined! Each city
    I grew to love more and more. Some of the
    highlights were visiting: The Alahambra, Plaza
    De Espana, The Royal Palace, Flamenco
    lessons and show, city tours, La Sagrada
    Familia and the bike tour in Barcelona. Ef
    only tours the outside of La Sagrada Familia
    and an excursion to see the inside. It is a
    must! We upgraded our meals and it was definitely worth it! This was my sixth tour with Ef and
    definitely one of my favorites.
    DeCam / Group leader
    Chino Hills, CA / Posted on August 19, 2017
  9. Fantastic Experience

    What a wonderful tour! The EF tour director was amazing - ready to answer every question, provide additional details, help create plans for down-time, and learned everyone's name. The tour went to Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Madrid, and Barcelona. These five cities were a wonderful way for students to experience all that Spain had to offer. The food and hotels were wonderful.
    Rachel06 / Adult traveler
    Philadelphia / Posted on August 09, 2017
  10. Spain Indepth

    As a former Spanish teacher who has traveled to Spain on my own 6 times, why would I recommend EF tours to Spain? Because my daughter experienced things that I as an individual could never have arranged. Her tour was jammed full of cultural activities that provided a more indepth view of Spanish culture than the average tourist would have seen or experienced. The schedule was finely tuned and I feel the tour was a good value given all that the group saw and did.
    Stellasunshine / Parent
    Janesville, WI / Posted on July 28, 2017

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