• Fantastic Trip!

    We visited SO many amazing places in the two weeks we traveled with EF. We now have a list of places we want to visit again. The detail of each location our EF guide provided was both fun and helpful. I would highly recommend an EF trip and plan on going on another one.
    However, it would have been better to stay in hotels close to the city centers in order to maximize the time in each location.
    Grace15 / Adult traveler
    Long Beach, CA / Posted on September 04, 2019
  • Trip review

    Liked seeing all the places.. liked being taken to places and not having to worry about finding places or parking or planning things .. upset the tour I paid for was changed .. was supposed to go to Paris and was told other groups we were paired with didn’t want to go so was changed .. out of 34 of us 21 wanted Paris so majority should hv decided so feel like it was a money thing to benefit the tour company .. also tour was rushed busy hot humid exhausting hotel rooms were not good nor were breakfasts
    PMLM / Adult traveler
    Visalia ca / Posted on August 08, 2019
  • review of europe trip

    Loved seeing all the wonderful places I had always heard about. I am glad to have had the opportunity to go. Things I wish I would have been warned more about- the heat / humidity was horrible and many places don't have A/C , the amount of walking involved - walked 11,000- 22,000 steps a day in the heat, much of it uphill or stairs --many times felt rushed and the pace was fast, sometimes feeling like I couldn't even enjoy the experience-- the hotel accommodations were less than desirable-
    MPML / Adult traveler
    visalia ca / Posted on August 06, 2019
  • A Little Tiring

    I loved mostly everything; Our director was awesome, and most of the countries were cool. But, I was frustrated that most of our meals in Italy were the same thing, over and over. I, personally, got very tired of eating the same pasta. Then, there was France. The place I was most disappointed in. We didn't do much there, and there wasn't anything that made it stand out. Spain was my favorite, but I was pretty tired of listening to tour guides by the end of our trip. Overall, I had a very good experience.
    Troublemaker / Student traveler
    Spring, Texas / Posted on July 29, 2019
  • 3 country whirlwind tour

    This comes from being home 3 days after my tour. The day we came home this review would have been very different from several "challenges" that occured on our trip. we had a total of 29 travelers. 17 girls 3 boys 5 adults, plus 3 chaparones and myself. I had 5 adults and 5 students that were linked to my class that I teach. The hotels we were at actually were better than I antisipated, some were located well, near towns or in cities and some were in the middle of nowhere, but safe. The tour pace was overall good, some cities were rushed, but most were good. A couple of things promised by our original "salesman" were not delivered and noticed by parents. The food was good, some were repetitve, Pasta in Italy, but when in Rome..... I would say be careful of the traveler that talks about the upcoming tour as a party, some treated it as such or at least tried. Again only a few of them. Alcohol on trips like this probably should be avoided given permision for, most can't handle or appreciate having a beer or wine with dinner. Unless it is purely a education/culinary tour where you can take the time to explain and teach the hows and whys they have that particular drink. my next tour will be with my culinary students and adults alone. Smaller groups are better for the experience. You will be on a bus with other groups. We were lucky to have a school in our district on ours. Over all a positive experience.
    chefdad / Group leader
    Tomball TX / Posted on July 29, 2019
  • Nice experience

    It was a nice trip but I prefer the tours where you only travel in one country. I feel that you learn more about the country then when you are going speedily from country to country.
    WHAP / Adult traveler
    Spring, Texas / Posted on July 28, 2019
  • Disappointing and Rushed Tour

    I am SO disappointed in this tour. I had such high expectations for my students as I have visited these places before and was excited to see them to experience a similar adventure. Our tour director was impatient from the beginning and was constantly getting into politics and reminding us of “how we are viewed as Americans” and insulting the American way of doing things. He should have been more accommodating of our group instead of making motion sick individuals feel bad for taking his “front seat” on the bus and refusing to play music the kids liked and only what he considered good music. He was arrogant and condescending of students and teachers. This was a culinary tour and the meals were mediocre at best and so repetitive. The students had very little time for adequate souvenir shopping and restroom breaks. For the money I feel like this trip fell extremely short. I was planning on chaperoning next year but am now in the process of getting a replacement as I am embarrassed to attach my name to something that does not meet realistic expectations. So disappointed.
    NASK / Adult traveler
    Houston, Texas / Posted on July 27, 2019
  • Good experience

    Overall it was a fun time and I made lots of new friends but one issue was my tour guide. She got drunk at dinner every night and she went on too much about random stuff just to wake people up on the bus.
    Sninja / Student traveler
    Newtown, Pennsylvania / Posted on July 24, 2019
  • A bit disappointing

    This was a bit of a let down. Madrid was my students least favorite of the places we visited. Barcelona needed to include the interior of the cathedral not just an exterior tour. The French Rivera was nice and the students enjoyed their short time at the beach there. Italy was their overall favorite. More time should have been given to Sorento and less time to Madrid.
    The food and hotels were just adequate. My experience in South America last year was far superior to this years experience in Europe.
    Hungry / Group leader
    South Carolina / Posted on July 22, 2019
  • not a good experience

    This trip was very expensive for the service that we received.
    Too many inconveniences starting with the first flight, missing 1 1/2 (one and half) day of trip, Tour Director not communicating with us clearly, always fighting with drivers, not well organized, not special meals accommodations, students rooms were dirty and smelly on one hiotel, and many more things. We have to pay for some attractions again because me miss one and half day. 2 days on airport.
    unhappy1 / Group leader
    Posted on July 22, 2019