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  1. Superior Trip

    The tour of Spain, France, and Italy with EF tours was a wonderful way to experience Europe for the first time. There is so much history and so much to see that it would be overwhelming to plan it on your own. Everything was perfectly organized and the trip was the perfect amount of time to experience so many wonderful things.
    Clispin / Student traveler
    Nashville, TN / Posted on August 07, 2018
  2. Trip of a Lifetime

    The trip I’ve always dreamed of started off with a wonderful tour guide who was informative, personable, funny & became part of our 51 member family. I learned so much!! So many great memories will be with me for the rest of my life.
    Luanne / Adult traveler
    Meridian Idaho / Posted on July 12, 2018
  3. Let’s do it again!

    An amazing time was had by everyone in my group! Well executed activities, even when weather seems to be not on our side! Our trip guide was absolutely wonderful, a wealth of knowledge and even personal experience. Safety and comfort was never compromised. With enough activities packed in the day, there was still enough free time to be able to enjoy the cuisines and explore stores. Happy to be home but will look forward saving up for another trip in the future!
    TripHappy / Student traveler
    Phoenix,AZ / Posted on June 16, 2018
  4. Awesome Experience

    This was my first trip with EF Tours and it was unbelievable! I would have never seen the sights that I saw if I had went to Europe on my own. Each day I thought I would never see anything more beautiful than I saw the day before and I was amazed at the sights the following day. Our tour director was out of this world! She was so knowledgeable and so upbeat. She made the trip enjoyable for us all.
    MCChaperone / Adult traveler
    Marion Center, PA / Posted on April 12, 2018
  5. A World Away!

    I went on a 14 day trip to Spain, France, and Italy this past June. This tour was remarkable in every way imaginable. From the peaceful morning in the French Riviera to the buzzing streets of Rome, my heart was pounding non-stop from excitement. There is literally something for everyone on this trip, it is just up to you whether or not you will venture to find it. I found beauty in the outlying areas of each city we were in. This is where the natural world would creep upon something so ancient and give it a sense of rebirth. The food was worth the trip in of itself. If you plan on going to Florence I would highly recommend that you bring loose fitting pants because I ate three meals in one sitting. The staff everywhere we went was extremely helpful and deeply immersed in the local culture in order to forge a true bond with our destinations. As far as any monetary concerns, keep in mind there are always opportunities that come up that will cost money. These are not required, but if you think that you would like to do some individual exploring away from your group there will be a price tag. I love photography and was able to capture some of the best pictures of my life on this trip (some of which I have attached). Overall, as long as you are with a close-knit group, your experience will be amazing because these unique cultures teach you so much. I would highly recommend this trip to everyone!!!
    Joseph2233 / Student traveler
    Kansas City, Missouri / Posted on September 26, 2017
  6. Tremendous Cultural Experience!

    Every day was jam packed with culture, from museums and monuments to daily life in Europe. It was the experience I wanted for my students and parents. So many are now certain that they want to study abroad to enable them to return and spend more time in the places we visited. Many new friendships were made among our group members. Our tour director was amazing and facilitated many extra activities for our group.
    SpanishSoul / Adult traveler
    Edmond, Oklahoma / Posted on July 20, 2017
  7. Amazing Experience!!!

    This was an amazing experience! I can hardly wait to go again!!! Our tour director was so informative and eager to answer questions. He also went above and beyond to fill the request of the group. We saw so many sights, more than I expected. Each guide was knowledgeable. My daughter has already asked to sign up for a trip next year.
    EmmyLouise / Adult traveler
    Seminole, FL / Posted on July 19, 2017
  8. Unforgettable Experience

    I'm not joking when I say that this tour was one of the best experiences I had in my life. Aside from seeing amazing places, I also got the opportunity to meet amazing people along the way. This tour has opened my eyes to new experiences and to travel, as a way to connect people. I now have this new found passion for travel, and I really want to see what the rest of the world has to offer. Thank you EF tours!
    Toursing110 / Student traveler
    Haverstraw, NY / Posted on July 11, 2017
  9. Spain, France and Italy...Amazing

    This tour is the absolute perfect mix of big cities and small towns. It's a wonderful mix of art, music, food, history, and fun. From the art museums to the Vatican to Pompeii (we did the extension) to the bike ride in Barcelona to the beaches in every country we visited, the experience was one that will last my lifetime. I would definitely recommend the extension. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world is in this part of Italy. Thank you to EF for organizing such a powerful educational experience for kids and adults alike. Everyone came home with an increased sense of confidence and a better awareness of how big the world really is.
    JBilz / Group leader
    Liberty, MO / Posted on July 07, 2017
  10. Wonderful, Educational Trip

    Our trip was fantastic. We saw amazing sights. Each day was better than the one before. I feel it was the perfect balance of scheduled tours and free time to explore. It also was a great balance of large cities and small towns. Our tour director was incredible. He did a fantastic job of blending educational information and fun! He was very knowledgable about history and customs in each country. We couldn't have had a better director. Everyone should take advantage of this incredible program.
    TravelerLibertyMO / Adult traveler
    Liberty, MO / Posted on July 02, 2017

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