• So-So

    Did not like our group being combined with another group which consisted of about 10 teenagers whose mission was to get drunk each night and then see how loud and annoying they could be. The food was sub par - I quickly grew tired of pasta and ice cream. The tour director was informative but not friendly. We had to go to the airport FIVE hours before our flight left because the other group was leaving earlier. Then we had a EIGHT hour layover at JFK when we could have had a direct flight to Charlotte, NC! In all, he traveled over 24 HOURS to get home. I expected A LOT more for my money! In fact, I think our group deserves some compensation for the travel home which was miserable.
    Smoke / Adult traveler
    Elk Park, NC / Posted on July 21, 2017
  • Scotland is beautiful

    I enjoyed the experience and felt safe throughout the tour. The accommodations in Dublin were not up to par (mold on the shades) and the University where we were housed was not prepared for the influx. The checkin process was unorganized and the cafeteria was not prepared for breakfast. The dinner the last evening in Edinburgh was like a McDonalds happy meal. Chicken fingers (minced chicken meat), fries and lettuce and carrots. Loch Ness tour was amazing. All in all a great experience.
    Kidztaxz / Adult traveler
    Canton, GA / Posted on July 19, 2017
  • Paying hotel prices for dormitories

    My third tour with EF -- quality has drastically declined. While I understand why corners were cut on food -- because of course we can all walk for five miles a day on an all carbohydrate, ZERO protein breakfast, (okay, as a diabetic, I'll admit this caused me problems most days) but hey, it's cheap, and that means more profits for EF, I may have taken my last tour with you. Dorm rooms are unacceptable. Paper bath mats do not add a touch of class. A full sized bed is not big enough to accommodate two adults, MUCH LESS with one of those adults being a very tall and broad shouldered man. I know dorms give you a great profit margin in off seasons for universities, but I used to live in one and even the single beds were larger and more comfortable 30 years ago. Our TD was great. All of the choices she made were fabulous, and she helped us with the problems as best she could. Our drivers were great as well. But substandard breakfasts and lodgings were not great. We were led to believe we would be staying in hotel-style / apartment style accommodations on these campuses, and we got to share a dorm room. I knew to expect cheap hotels, and I usually STAY in cheap hotels when traveling at home, but you did not hit even that benchmark. I'd rather spend a couple hundred dollars more and go with another company from now on.
    KillerCupid / Adult traveler
    Dyersburg, TN / Posted on July 09, 2017
  • Great trip!

    My daughter had an amazing time on her trip. She saw so many things and had a great time with friends and teachers. Overall a fabulous experience at a great price. Every thing went very smoothly.
    The only thing she somewhat complained about a bit is the lack of just fresh food, as in greens and fruits. A lot of the meals were sausages and potatoes...
    Apart from that all great.
    Floche / Parent
    Gaithersburg, MD / Posted on July 04, 2017
  • Great experience

    wonderful trip. tour guide fantastic! Only regret was the stay at the university stay. Kinda a cheap stay nothing handy id needed. That's it everything else was wonderful!!
    queenie21 / Adult traveler
    Dubois, PA / Posted on July 01, 2017
  • Priceless

    Wow, what a trip. I must say EF has always given my students an absolutley amazing experience. The history we see and the knowledge of the tour guides and locals guides is priceless. All my students have come home wowed. Thank you EF.
    saypo / Group leader
    Montana / Posted on June 28, 2017
  • I LOVE Scotland!

    We have just returned from a "10 day" trip to Ireland and Scotland. My daughter and I went with 9 other moms/students from our school. This was a wonderful experience! There was nothing in the trip that I didn't like. We spent 2 days in Ireland, 1 in Northern Ireland, and the rest of the trip in Scotland. Our tour director, a lovely young lady from Ireland, did a wonderful job of keeping us informed, engaged, and came up with some extra things to do.

    Scotland, and the Scottish Highlands, were so beautiful - just as I imagined, but beyond words. I wish we could have spent more time in the Highlands, and visited Culloden Battlefield, but I enjoyed Fort William, the Loch Ness cruise, and Urquhart Castle.

    My only complaints would be that a couple of our hotels were located far from the cities of Edinburgh and Dublin, which resulted in longer than necessary bus rides. And our final night, we stayed in Edinburgh when we were flying out of Glasgow. That made no sense and resulted in us having to get up at 3:45 AM to catch our plane.

    Thank you, EF, for another wonderful tour. My complaints don't change the fact that there was nothing in this trip that I didn't like!
    MominMT / Adult traveler
    Montana / Posted on June 27, 2017
  • Wonderful trip

    Saw a lot of things in a short amount of time. Beautiful country.
    Skibum / Adult traveler
    NC / Posted on June 27, 2017
  • Great tour

    The tour was well organized and timed; our Tour Director was fantastic - she responded to the group's wishes, added a few itinerary items and managed to work with some different interests in a large group (47 people). She was amazing! We got to visit some incredible places and some well-chosen guides helped us learn a great deal about the history of the places we visited. A highlight was a guided visit to the murals and Peace Wall in Belfast, which exposed a group of fairly isolated American teenagers to a very real experience with modern social and political issues relevant at home as well as abroad. Overall the trip was a fun mix of learning and enjoyment.

    The only drawbacks were that a couple of hotel choices were not well-suited to our planned activities and travels, resulting in some longer-than-needed commutes. Those were minor issues, however, in an overall great tour. Finally, I'd note that if it's possible for EF to keep the costs reasonable while arranging for slightly smaller groups (ours totaled 47 people, with several smaller groups combined together), that would be more enjoyable. With such a large group we tended to overwhelm places we stopped, restroom breaks took a long time, etc.
    AnotherMTMom / Adult traveler
    Choteau, MT / Posted on June 24, 2017
  • Perfect experience!

    This was a wonderful experience! The tour director was wonderful and very knowledgeable. She developed a great relationship with the students. It was not a perfect trip but EF made things right. I highly recommend this trip to everyone!
    Justs / Group leader
    Chattanooga,TN / Posted on June 23, 2017