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    There are not enough words to describe how amazing this trip was for my students and me! Pictures do not do these 2 countries justice...Scotland is literally breathtakingly beautiful. We were able to see tons of amazing sites in Scotland... Dublin and Belfast were incredible as well. The tour director is from Scotland and he worked along with the bus drivers to ensure they showed us so much of their beautiful home! I will be taking another group on this tour in the future!
    PatriotPride / Group leader
    Paris, TX / Posted on August 08, 2018
  2. Awesome Experience

    I loved this tour. The tour director was amazing and hilarious. He had a great sense of humor. The food was delicious. I got to try new cuisines, like French and Spanish. The sights were phenomenal. My favorite part of the tour was the surprise visit to pet and feed Highland Cows!
    SmallTownGal / Student traveler
    Wisner, Nebraska / Posted on August 01, 2018
  3. An amazing Highland experience

    I've been leading groups to Europe and the British Isles for over 30 years. Now retired, this was more than likely my last trip. I could honestly say that we went out with a bang!!
    The itinerary that was given to us in the catalog was excellent; the actual experience was much more than that. Our tour director took a special interest in our groups and not only accompanied us on our special interest side trips but added evening experiences as well.
    There were pleasant surprises around every corner and smiling faces everywhere.
    EF is special. My students and parents have been introduced to experiences that will be hard to replicate and, because of EF, their lives have changed in a very positive way. Many of them will return to the British Isles.
    I couldn't have asked for a better experience in Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow and Edinbourgh.
    I'm grateful for all that EF has done for both me and my travelers!
    Deutsch / Group leader
    Dresden, Ohio / Posted on June 19, 2018
  4. Great tour

    From this tour I learned about the history and politics of Scotland and Ireland. The views were incredible and everything we did was absolutely fun. Our guide was the best and told us everything about the countries(which are now my two favorite) and brought us around the ins and outs, from the best fish and chips to a nature walk in the highlands.
    Barnesy / Student traveler
    West Chesterfield, New Hampshire / Posted on April 28, 2018
  5. Loved the Highlands

    We just arrived home from the extended tour to Scotland and Ireland. We had no idea how mountainous and beautiful the Scottish Highlands were. Loved the boat ride on Loch Ness and the quaint little hotel we stayed in. One of the favorite parts of the trip !
    Very historical and great information !
    Borris / Group leader
    Minneapolis, Minnesota / Posted on April 03, 2018
  6. Priceless

    Wow, what a trip. I must say EF has always given my students an absolutley amazing experience. The history we see and the knowledge of the tour guides and locals guides is priceless. All my students have come home wowed. Thank you EF.
    saypo / Group leader
    Montana / Posted on June 28, 2017
  7. Phenomenal Experience!!!!

    I had a wonderful time on this trip to Ireland & Scotland. It was a dream come true for sure. My tour director, was the best there is. EF did an amazing job at providing us all with this opportunity. I can't wait to start saving up and go on another trip in the near future.
    Ireland17 / Student traveler
    Blackshear, GA / Posted on June 25, 2017
  8. Bonkers for the British Isles

    The EF Tours package of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland offers great value and creates great memories. Top flight tour directors and Blue Badge guides deliver unparalleled insights on the history of the Emerald Island and the Scottish lowlands. Expert coach drivers provide front-row perspectives, sights, and sounds at every venue. Great food choices include both traditional and contemporary fare and the en suite accommodations at local universities provide individualized comfort.
    Monarch87 / Group leader
    Patterson, Georgia / Posted on June 24, 2017
  9. The British Isles

    The fantastic things I saw and did and the people I meet, will be memories I cherish forever. I saw Iceland as the we flew over it, and smelled spring tulips in Amsterdam. I visited a royal palace and climbed a 900 foot volcano in Scotland. I heard ghost stories in the crypts under the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh. I ate Haggis, black pudding and Bubble & Squeak for breakfast. I walked through a queen's bed room and climbed the battlements of a castle. I saw the world's largest horse sculptures and viewed the war memorial to Braveheart. In a kilt I walked across the greens where golf was invented. I rode a ship across the Irish Sea and walked along the most beautiful coastline I have ever seen, where legends say giants strode. I had Fish & Chips in a Belfast restaurant. I visited where the Titanic was built. I saw snow, rain and sunshine as we drove through the hills of Ireland. I said a prayer in the Cathedral of St. Patrick. I viewed a 1000 yr old book of the Gospels in one of the world's most beautiful libraries. I sat in a worn leather chair in a coffee pub in Dublin, reading a Joyce poem while being warmed by a coal fire after walking back from the docks of Ireland. I raced through the late night streets of Dublin at 110 km an hour in a Irish cab with a Nigerian driver & the 'check engine' light on. I began this trip with strangers and ended it with friends, and finally I arrived safe at home to the love of my wonderful family. God Bless this life and those who make it an incredible adventure!!!!
    bdad / Adult traveler
    Jonesboro, AR / Posted on March 25, 2017
  10. Exceptional Tour

    The overall tour experience was exceptional due to the planning and execution of hotels, meals, and visiting points of interest in Scotland and Ireland! The historical commentaries by the tour director and additional tour guides were also exceptional! Our group leader was exceptional as well and coordinated every aspect of the tour with precision! Every moment of the tour was exciting and educational for all participants. It was truly an amazing experience!
    Roadrunner1 / Adult traveler
    Frisco, Texas / Posted on March 23, 2017

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