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  1. Amazing Experience

    I love this trip. It made me think and appreciate life more. The things that I saw on that trip are things that I will never forget in my life. I love it and recommend it to other people
    DrunkPal / Student traveler
    Burlington,WI / Posted on September 30, 2018
  2. Cold but Awesome Journey!

    I learned quickly that the Scandinavian people do not let cold, snow or rain get in their way. Life goes on to the fullest on all days. Even the children on school field trips were out there in very appropriate clothing for the day. There were some schools having a BBQ lunch.
    The accommodations, food, people, and the culture were top notch.
    I was especially impressed by the Viking Museum, Kronborg Castle, and the Vasa museum.
    My very favorite place (and that's not an easy choice) was Copenhagen. It is truly an exciting and vibrant city. I wish that we were there a few more days.
    Eagleman14 / Adult traveler
    Brooklyn, New York / Posted on April 10, 2018
  3. Full of Beauty and Wonder

    My students had a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit 5 countries in 10 days. We were taken care of from start to finish, EF had everything organized and planned so we could sit back and ENJOY! We loved seeing all the sights (strongly recommend the Drottningholm excursion), traveling by ship and coach bus and eating local cuisine. The extension to Tallinn was very unique and a wonderful way to end the tour.
    ArtyParty / Group leader
    Saint Paul, MN / Posted on June 22, 2017
  4. Capitals of Scandinavia

    Both my boys were together on this trip. It gave them a chance to see other beautiful countries, see how other people live, and experience different cultures. They left N.J. with 6 other students and came back best friends.
    There was an issue were the they couldn't get on the ferry from Norway to Denmark and EF Tours was right on it and took care of it. I felt secure that no matter what the issue EF Tours had enough contacts and great tour leaders to handle it.
    WillandTim / Parent
    New Jersey / Posted on July 14, 2019
  5. Beautiful Locations, Lackluster Director Support

    I love EF tours. My tour consultant has always been open and honest with me and communicated effectively. I've always had my questions answered and have never considered traveling with another touring company. Though this is still very much the case, after this latest tour to Scandinavia, I am rethinking what may be the standard and if I've just been very lucky or if this latest tour is just a fluke.

    Scandinavia is a incredible part of the world. On this tour, we were supposed to go to Oslo, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. My group was delayed because of flight complications, which was quite annoying because we had worked so hard to get really great flights, and therefore arrived over 24 hours after our planned arrival and missed out on Oslo. The tour includes a night ferry to Copenhagen, which would have been fine except for two things. One: we drove directly from the airport to the ferry and were not able to see any of Oslo. Two: the ferry was incredibly boring, with no entertainment or anything to do besides eat. The rooms were fine, but we were cooped up on this ferry from 3:30pm Wednesday to 10am Thursday and it was awful.

    Copenhagen and Stockholm were incredible. Money conversion was a bit confusing, but honestly, my kids loved these locations, especially Copenhagen. I can't say enough wonderful things about the sites, the culture, and the opportunities my students were given for interaction and exploration. This tour was definitely up to par when it comes to locales.

    My issues with this tour, aside from the late arrival, had to do with our tour director and the extent to which he was not involved in our tour, nor did he take the time to really get to know any of our students or teach us pretty much anything about the places we were going. He had a few speeches on a bus, but honestly, I've had tour directors who were with us every second, learned students' names, taught us basic words in the appropriate languages, and helped us plan how to use free time and the best places to go. Our tour director did none of these things. My kids even had to ask me what his name was. I was incredibly disappointed and very much hope that this was a fluke and that my previous tour directors were the standard.

    I don't want to scare anyone away from these locations, but please be aware that flying into and out of Scandinavia is not easy. We were delayed both ways, and they were not small delays. One was an overnight delay, resulting in a late arrival, and we had an extra flight on the way home, which meant we were traveling home for over 24 hours, with no time in between connections. We literally had to run to our final gate so we wouldn't miss the last flight to our hometown.

    If I had to simplify this for you, I would say that these locations are definitely worth the time, but make sure that traveling there and back makes sense for your group.
    EFTeacher91 / Group leader
    Springfield, MO / Posted on July 01, 2019
  6. Experience of a lifetime

    Going to Scandinavia was an experience that I will treasure forever. There were however aspects that made me not give an excellent rating. The first was airline issues that caused our group to miss Norway altogether. That was disappointing. I would not recommend the cruise ship part at all. There was nothing to do at all. We did have a nice buffet dinner and I got a good nights sleep, but that is all the good things I can say about that. I love Copenhagen and Stockholm, but the dissapointing part was the food. We had buffet dinners several times and the sit down dinners we were served were not anything unique. I expected to have some real Swedish dishes, not chicken, pork, french fries, brownies, and ice cream. Really?? I went on the tour last year and we had a fantastic guide who was involved with our group, but not this year. Our guide seemed nice, but not really very involved with us. He was busy planning his next tour and not concerned with our tour.
    4Sunflowers / Adult traveler
    Rogersville Missouri / Posted on June 29, 2019
  7. Could have been better

    First of all, the tour guide we had that stayed with us throughout the trip, was fantastic! She was a joy to have around and did the best she could to make the trip great for us.
    Overall however, the tour was only okay. Most things we were taken to see, were really short, shovel in, shovel out kind of stops. For example, the Vikings Museum in Oslo: From the moment we left the bus, we were told we had 40 minutes to be back on the bus. Seriously? And it was like that every place else. We got a ton of free time which I gladly would have exchanged for more time in the castle and museums we paid to see. Then the worst part came when on the flight back, every single flight we were on was delayed by 2+ hours resulting in an unexpected overnight stay in an airport hotel; NONE of which was handled by EF tours. Our group leader repeatedly called the emergency phone number to get some assistance with the rebooking of flights for our group and was repeatedly told we needed to handle it ourselves. Seriously? Personally, will not do this again. We lucked out that we had an individual with us that travels a lot and handled everything for us as well as an individual that was fluent in German to help us with the layover and hotel assistance in Germany. I was not impressed (to put it mildly) with the lack of assistance given to us on our journey home.
    LoveMyMac / Adult traveler
    Arizona / Posted on June 29, 2019
  8. Disappointing

    While the countries were beautiful, the tour was a let down. We had way to much free time (sometimes the entire day). Felt like I really didn’t see much. I could have easily planned a better trip on my own. If this had been my first EF experience it would be my last.
    1mom2 / Adult traveler
    Virginia / Posted on July 08, 2018
  9. Not worth it

    The tour involved to many moves and the hotels and restaurants were subpar when compared with other tours. There was entirely too much unstructured free time. Tours generally ended by 12 and the rest of the day was spent in a shopping area. Tour guide did not give any suggestions on plans for free time.
    3timeparenttravel / Adult traveler
    Midlothian va / Posted on July 07, 2018
  10. Best Time of My Life

    It was absolutely fabulous. The main leader of all the group's was a sweetheart and I wished she lived with me! All the sights were amazing, the meals were excellent, and learning how to navigate through airports is extremely useful.

    I would honestly love to live in one of these countries. Preferably Denmark out of Norway and Sweden, since I have been studying the language!

    Everything was great besides the rooming. As a trans student, apparently some were confused as to why I was placed with them. I got upset, I'll admit it, but otherwise, it was great! The teachers handled it really well and I got to room with other folks like me.

    Overall, a 9/10 experience and I would love to do this again!
    Kiley / Student traveler
    Lake Geneva, Wisconsin / Posted on July 01, 2018

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