• Sorry for the Price

    Tour was rushed, walked 1o Thousand Steps without bathrooms and adequate water or food. Dinners were substandard, hotels were an hour bus ride away from cities so no opportunity to relax, tour times were in heat during siesta times so no opportunity for real shopping and relaxation, rushed through Sistine Chapel and other important sights. guide was most interested in one male companion who we think she was dating.
    Hicks / Student traveler
    USA / Posted on July 28, 2018
  • Once in a lifetime!

    As fast paced as it was, the tour encompassed a wealth of information. Definitely geared towards the young peoples legs and energy level. Honestly, it was tough keeping up, but the free time allocated welcomed rest for the weary. Transportation was comfortable with movies on the planes & the bus.
    The tour coordinator was fabulous; smart & witty, & the kids loved her. All of the guides had their own styles & quality's above par for their knowledge level. They stayed on point, and concise. I would definitely recommend it to any 1st timer seeking knowledge of the region.
    Boopa / Adult traveler
    Virginia Beach, VA / Posted on July 21, 2018
  • Awesome!

    Outstanding director, outstanding tour!
    DJST / Adult traveler
    Easton, Pennsylvania / Posted on July 10, 2018
  • Great experience

    Great experience! Got to see a lot with very little delays on getting into popular tour sites. Our guides were good-giving us enough history without overwhelming us.

    Our free time was just the right amount of time to allow us to explore the various cities

    Our accommodations were spot on and everyone was helpful
    Schmitty / Adult traveler
    Troy, MO / Posted on July 02, 2018
  • Wonderful trip

    Wonderful experience for teens. Minor medical issues could have been addressed better.
    Freeestyle / Parent
    kansas city, KS / Posted on June 25, 2018
  • Awesome Time

    Our tour guide Jackie was excellent. Our bus driver Carmelo was excellent. We saw so many things during our time in Italy and had such a wonderful experience with everybody involved. I would definitely recommend this type of trip and having my son be a part of it and able to enjoy everything was really something special.
    Gomez0220 / Adult traveler
    Boise, ID / Posted on April 05, 2018
  • Food, fun, and friends.

    This was an amazing tour. Staying in the centrally located hotels was great and the food was amazing in Italy. This was my 20th tour and we had a great time and built great friendships. The tour director was OUTSTANDING and will be a friend for life. I highly recommend going to Sicily.
    Hillary81 / Group leader
    Elmira, NY / Posted on July 11, 2017
  • Great trip!

    Amazing! All the places we went to see were fantastic and our Tour Guide was very knowledgeable about everything. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, and I highly recommend this tour to students studying Latin or the Romans. My only complaint is that we weren't able to do everything on the itinerary due to the other groups we were traveling with. Still, I highly recommend this tour.
    CinnamonRoll / Student traveler
    Posted on June 29, 2017
  • Solid Five Stars

    Great tour guide!
    Nixie / Student traveler
    Rio Rancho, NM / Posted on June 23, 2017
  • Great trip!

    Action packed. Covered all the sites of Italy.
    Safe and secure.
    VJAparent / Parent
    Tinley Park, Illinois / Posted on June 19, 2017