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  1. Trip of a lifetime!

    We had an amazing experience in Europe. This was my first time traveling overseas and I could not have asked for a better experience, except if only I could have stayed longer! We made new friends, saw incredible sites and enriched our learning so much! We had a wonderful tour director, Ivan, who made everything run seamlessly. Thank you EF!
    Voyager / Adult traveler
    Durham, NC / Posted on April 15, 2018
  2. Unbelievable Opportunity!

    This tour was certainly a "chance of a lifetime" experience! I was able to see and do things I never even thought possible. Some of the activities and events were unknowns to me before this tour and as a result provided the opportunity to see areas of the world which were unbelievably beautiful and which challenged me to think outside my own little area of the world. Highlights of the tour included going inside the Colosseum, seeing treasures of the Vatican Museum, traveling to Assisi, seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, Mt. Pilatus, and Notre Dame. This tour enabled me to see most of the famous buildings of Europe in only 10 days!
    / Adult traveler
    Alabaster, AL / Posted on July 20, 2017
  3. Wonderfully Diverse Experience

    The tour provides a great swath of European cultural, from the ancient history of Rome to the modern pulse of Paris. The time in Switzerland is a must, allowing time in the countryside and the mountains in the midst of the city culture. The progression from Rome to Paris is also very well thought out, as most students were very excited for Paris and having it last helped them maintain their energy through the end.
    wingedtraveler / Adult traveler
    Blacksburg, VA / Posted on July 09, 2017
  4. Amazing

    This trip was amazing. We saw and learned a lot and our tour guide made it fun along the way. The trip was really planned out and organized. I felt like our tour guide was educated and really liked teaching us. Overall this experience was the best I have had with a trip so far.
    Hunter19 / Student traveler
    Cincinnati, ohio / Posted on June 24, 2018
  5. Paris to Rome - A Most Wonderful Trip!

    Our tour was exceptional in every way! Our EF tour guide worked tirelessly throughout our trip to coordinate every stop with near perfect precision. Although it seems one could never get enough free time to explore in the places we visited (I could easily spend an entire day just in Montmartre!), our guide did his best to allow us as much time as possible while still keeping us on track to see as many new sites that we otherwise might not have found on our own. Furthermore, our tour guide's energy, humor and vast knowledge of both specific history and general cultural trivia (both past and present) made each day of the trip a joy to anticipate. I am extremely grateful that my son was able to experience his first trip to Europe in this way!
    Mrpresdnt / Adult traveler
    Durham, NC / Posted on April 20, 2018
  6. Terrific Travel

    Our s hook had an amazing experience on this tour. The sites, the history, the food, the culture - it was all perfect! Our tour director was fabulous. He was funny and knowledgeable. We were able to see and learn about so many places. I absolutely endorse this trip and the company!
    smtraveler / Group leader
    Carrollton, GA / Posted on April 10, 2018
  7. Great experience

    I enjoyed the trip a lot, even though it was very tiring. I would have liked the trip more if I could have seen more of the culture of the country and not as much of the museums. The museums were great, but maybe for future tours we could spend one day at the museums and then the next day at like little shops and markets and malls to get the feel of how the people live. I enjoyed walking more then the bus rides because you could see more sights when walking rather then speeding past in a bus. Overall it was a great trip and it really opened my eyes to some more opportunities for my future.
    hothead / Student traveler
    Alabaster,Al / Posted on July 18, 2017
  8. Great Trip

    Our tour through Europe with my son was outstanding. Saw many new sites and it gave a new perspective to my son seeing different cultures, history and countries. Our director was outstanding and provided great insights and information of the places and sites we were visiting.
    BagMan / Adult traveler
    Tualatin, OR / Posted on July 16, 2017
  9. Wonderful experience

    The trip was a wonderful experience. As an older member I enjoyed seeing the children view to wonders of the cities with fresh eyes and come to understand the history they were seeing. The EF group leader was absolutely the best; she was aware of all interests and sometimes lack thereof. Her information and instruction we perfect and we all grew to love her. I wish I could say the same for some of the local guides-Colloseum guide's english was not good, thus students lost interest. The same was true of the local guide in Assisi, he lost the interest of the students in minutes and the adults shortly after. Others were great-Paris and London exceptional. I am impressed with the information the children absorbed and their enjoyment of the trip. Hotels, another matter. The Rome hotel was far out of town (I understand cost is a factor) but very nice; Florence hotel was a horror, though wifi was perfect; Lucerne was out of town but so picturesque worth the drive/stay; Paris and London nice. A very enjoyable trip.
    clod / Adult traveler
    Portland Oregon / Posted on July 12, 2017
  10. A wonderful "buffet" of Europe!

    My entering freshman in high school daughter, my husband, and myself took this tour. We had never been to Europe and had been dreaming of it for years. This tour was a wonderful "buffet" of Europe, meaning we had a taste of each area. The tour was fast paced, but I feel we got to see all the big points of each area. We went during Europe's busiest and hottest times but made the best of it. The only downside, was that every hotel we stayed at was at least 45 minute bus ride, or combo subway/walk away. After a very long day, having to take that long travel to bed was tough. Our favorite hotels were the one near Rome, and Lucerne (thought the management at this one was less than pleasant, we loved the comfort and location). We are already starting to plan our next visit for when my daughter graduates high school! Thank you to our EF tour director and bus driver in Italy and Switzerland.
    / Adult traveler
    Tualatin, OR / Posted on July 06, 2017

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