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  1. Wonderful Trip

    My daughter and son both had an amazing time on their EF tour. The tour guide was outstanding and made the time in Europe even more enjoyable!
    Newbury / Parent
    Newbury Park, CA / Posted on March 30, 2018
  2. Greek Islands a Must!

    A whirlwind of ancient history with a relaxing tour of the beauty of the Greek Islands.
    greekislandlover / Group leader
    Everett, WA / Posted on July 20, 2017
  3. Super Experience....

    I loved every minute of this trip!!! The tours were great and I learned a lot about ancient history. The hotels were nice, especially the one in Athens it was on the beach and the view was amazing. The guide was nice. I can't wait for my next trip with EF tours.
    Linnox / Student traveler
    Raleigh, NC / Posted on July 05, 2017
  4. Life changing

    This tour was honestly the best experience I've had! For this being my first time going out the country, I enjoyed every part about it. EF made everything run so smoothly. I learned so much history about the cities we were in the places we visited. In both Rome and Athens, our tour director was so excited and taught us so much about all the history. I didn't know what to expect for this trip, but at the end of the trip all of my expectations had been exceeded. Traveling with your closets friends definitely puts a whole different perspective of the world in you. Even though I already had the travel bug, it is definitely stronger now.
    Greekgirl18 / Student traveler
    Minneapolis Minnesota / Posted on June 25, 2017
  5. Best experience of my life.

    Best time of my life. It was an amazing experience to be able to see and touch the monuments that have been part of the worlds history. Learning about Italian culture and Greek culture was really exciting. My tour director made the trip an even more amazing experience because they were so energetic to teach about the countries that they have lived in and been to. The only negative part about my trip was the group that we were paired with. They didn't want to do anything or didn't want to go to any of the optional excersions. They all were snotty and didnt interact with my group. Overall, it was the most amazing experience of my life.
    Z15031000 / Student traveler
    Robbinsdale MN / Posted on June 25, 2017
  6. Getting to know the World!

    I had an amazing time visiting Rome and Athens. They were both unique and memorable by their attractions and way of living among those places. Getting to know how these places really bring the history books a lot more interesting since you are in the location on where it happened. The sun may be hot and having to walk a lot in Rome may be tiring, but that is just the difference in other countries, it is a lot easier to get around by walking in Rome instead of having a vehicle. Athens was just as good as Rome was, there were also many attractions and entertainments in different perspectives of each country. The food was great in both ways that words won't describe it all there is to say. The only thing that i found a bit upsetting is at night that I couldn't see the stars. I thought that since I was in a different location than in the U.S. you will be able to see the stars, but i don't think that would affect the tour at all. It was a great experience and I hope to go on another adventure with the EF Tours.
    BrightLight / Student traveler
    Houston, Texas / Posted on June 24, 2017
  7. Spectacular tour

    From the first step off the plane in Rome to the last step out of Greece was shear joy. Our tour director was gracious, very patient, and very knowledgeable about each area we visited. His own passion for Italy and Greece was evident every where we went. The food and fellowship was spectacular.
    sprinkles / Adult traveler
    Macon, Georgia / Posted on April 24, 2019
  8. Antique Awesomeness

    The whole trip was eye opening for our students. The cultures of Athens and Rome really expanded their horizons.
    Diego / Adult traveler
    St. Charles, IL / Posted on April 03, 2019
  9. Amazing

    He had a great time; he enjoyed his time in Greece more because of all the information. Took lots of pictures at the Chapel because of the history involved. Loved the trip.
    Jomaxa / Student traveler
    St. Charles, IL / Posted on April 02, 2019
  10. Outstanding trip!

    My child loved every moment of her trip with EF tours. She said that their guide Gloria was amazing. She had knowledge of all the places they visited, spoke numerous languages and made the trip enjoyable. The Vactican and the Greek islands were her favorite experiences on the tour.
    Travelbug2019 / Student traveler
    Ohio / Posted on March 27, 2019

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