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57 reviewed Peru: Cuzco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca
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  1. Wonderful tour

    I loved the experience of traveling to a new country and the chance to earn my own money to pay for this trip. Peru was full of rich history and I loved learning all about it and seeing all the ruins and learning the stories behind them. I loved trying the new foods and talking to new people and learning about the way they live life. I had such an amazing experience and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful country and share in it's amazing culture and history.
    Deechel / Student traveler
    Salt Lake City, Utah / Posted on July 23, 2017
  2. Great tour

    I loved Peru, its landscapes and especially its people. I want to go back and experience the parts of the country that I did not see on this tour. Our tour guide was great, as were all of the local guides. The food, overall, was good. We got a good sample of traditional Peruvian food. The hotels were great, if a little more impersonal than I was expecting. My favorite by far was the hotel in Ollantaytambo, which was a lot more authentic than the others.
    WYmom / Adult traveler
    Savery WY / Posted on July 14, 2017
  3. Peru is much more than Machu Pichu

    We learned Peru is a very diverse country. Each day offered a different WOW factor that made us feel alive. We started in the capital of Lima where you experience the city and beach. We went to the mountains next and experienced great ruins, all of which were unique and breath taking. We went to Lake Titicacca next which is an experience unlike any othervin the world with floating islands and lunch with fresh trout from the lake. We did the Paracas extension which was an amazing finale. We did Moron Desert which most locals don't know about. We had our own private desert and lagoon!!! Our tour guide was amazing and offered personal experiences along the way. PERU is a must see destination and this itinerary was perfect!!
    DVCoachK / Group leader
    Dingmans Ferry, PA / Posted on July 02, 2017
  4. One of the best!

    This tour is a great introduction to the country of Peru. You begin in the nation's capital, Lima and from there you go to Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, and to Puno. The two highlights are definitely the hike at Machu Picchu and the visit to the Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca in Puno. Our students were happy and tired at the end of every day. We learned so much about Peru's diverse indigenous cultures (past and present) and the landscapes were stunning. I'd recommend this tour to anyone who is up for a bit of a physical challenge (a lot of walks/hikes that include fairly steep inclines) and wants a great intro to Peruvian culture.
    FloridaHistorian / Group leader
    Sarasota, FL / Posted on June 21, 2017
  5. Loved Every Moment

    From the moment we took off in Pittsburgh to head to Miami and eventually Lima, I loved every minute. My tour guide was resourceful and had our group's best interest as his first priority. Our visit to Machu Picchu was full of knowledge and learning. I even had altitude sickness one day, but my tour guide and group leader did their best to ensure I was fine and able to continue on our amazing adventure. The time I spent in Peru was the most amazing experience of my life. If anyone is on the fence about going, I will tell you, you will not regret going for a single moment.
    randomname / Student traveler
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Posted on June 19, 2018
  6. Peru in a nutshell

    From the food to the hotels this trip was amazing. The culture the guided tours were on point. I learned so much information about Peru that I came home and ordered some books so I could further my studies.
    love12343 / Adult traveler
    Council Bluffs, IA / Posted on June 18, 2018
  7. Peru! Your kid will be safe well cared for!

    Wow! If you can make this trip happen for your child, do it. You get a lot for the cost. I was on the trip since an extra adult was needed, but I left my 'mom hat' at home and let my kid and the other students follow the directions of the EF guide and their teacher. They needed the chance to learn how to travel abroad without a parent 'telling' them what to do.
    I was extremely impressed with our EF Guide. Such a professional. So caring. Very informative. Free time was always in very clearly marked areas with very clear meeting locations. The activities were well planned out and allowed for variety throughout each day. For example: morning sightseeing walk, time at a beach, outdoor museums, lunch, shopping, bus tour, indoor museum, more shopping or ice cream or rest at hotel, dinner, evening rest or hanging out with other students. Busy, but informative and fun at the same time. All our hotels were clean, close to the city centers, and safe. All the food provided by EF was diverse and nicely prepared. The Peruvian landscapes are amazing in their diversity. The Peruvian people are welcoming and enthusiastic to share their history and culture. We consider this money well spent with how much we were able to accomplish in 11 days. No worries, just open your mind and follow your EF Guide. They worry about the logistics so you can focus on making the memories. Trip of a lifetime! (but we'll be back)
    OhioMama / Adult traveler
    Columbus, OH / Posted on June 14, 2018
  8. well rounded travel experience

    Fantastic combination of culture, history, and challenging physical activity! I was very impressed by the professionalism and depth of knowledge of our tour director and the guides at the various sites.
    trvlr / Adult traveler
    Moravia, NY / Posted on April 30, 2018
  9. Awesome trip

    My daughter had an amazing time on her trip to Peru. She didn't want to come home! She said "there is something really special about Peru". She felt it was educational, fun, inspiring, well organized. She enjoyed the meals provided and that there was free time built into the itinerary.
    Dancer2001 / Student traveler
    Oxford, Mi / Posted on April 03, 2018
  10. Great tour of Peru, BUT TRAVEL TO AND FROM SUCKED!

    This tour was really great. The guide was top notch and was able to adapt and assist when and where needed. Very good, very professional, highly recommend him again.
    The air travel from Salt Lake City Utah to Lima Peru was a long day and the arrival in Lima at 1:00 AM was not the best arrangments. Another part of the group left Salt Lake City after we did and arrived Lima several hours before we did. The return from Lima to Salt Lake City was very poorly organized. Leave Lima at 2:55 AM was not an acceptable flight arragment. Then when a 2 hour delay was posted for the flight from Lima it was not highly appreciated. Most of the group spent 42 hours from start of the last day in Lima to arrival in Salt Lake city. I have traveled internationally for several years and understand the arrival and departure times of interantional airports. These flights seemed to be set at the last minute and very poorly organized. I would not recommend EF tours for this reason.
    / Adult traveler
    Colorado / Posted on July 13, 2017

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