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  1. Unforgettable Experience!

    While I had never traveled abroad or even at all our tour director made it very welcoming and calming for me throughout the whole trip. I had never been prone to try new things or go out of my comfort zone, but while being in a new country with a different culture and language you are bound to try something new. I was able to make many new friends from different parts of the world, not to mention that spending my birthday away from my family was really heartbreaking to think about but I do not regret it because I felt as if i had celebrated it with a new family that will always be a part of me. I encourage any student, parent or teacher to go ahead and take on a great adventure that will bring you great memories for years to come.
    Elle612 / Student traveler
    Laredo, Texas / Posted on June 18, 2017
  2. good tour

    Overall this was a good tour. The kids enjoyed themselves and everything went well. There were a few hiccups with dinners and not getting what was promised at a couple of places. We also wound up eating essentially grilled chicken two nights in a row. I didn't feel like the dinners were anything spectacular. The students really didn't get a chance to eat many authentic dishes. On another tour, the students were able to order & share escargot for a chance to try it. On this tour, we did get a lot of good pasta dishes, but were primarily all red sauces. At one dinner we were supposed to get mozzarella and tomato for an appetizer and it was sliced cheese on top of the tomato. When we finally got to Paris, our first dinner was Flammekueches. While it's delicious, the students were just in Italy for 5 days and had eaten a lot of Pizza. We only had 2 dinners in France, it would have been nice to get more traditional French dishes that weren't similar to pizza. We weren't in the Alsace region to eat this dish. Also, while I know gelato is an Italian thing, it seemed like every night our desserts were either gelato, or generic ice cream which one place definitely served us or a chocolate tarte.
    Also, I felt like there was a lot more free time on this trip. In particular the day in Florence when the other group went to Pisa. While our tour director made herself available for suggestions on what to do, it would have been nice to know ahead of time how much free time there was going to be just to better prepare myself.
    The night train was definitely an interesting experience. While it's not EF's fault, we were put on the only train car without working AC and it was grossly uncomfortable. People had a difficult time sleeping exacerbated by the heat and subsequent complaining about the heat. Then the train was almost 2 hrs late getting to Paris which made getting lunch difficult. Again, not EF's fault, but something to consider because it wasn't an enjoyable experience.
    / Group leader
    Old Bridge, NJ / Posted on August 08, 2016
  3. Perfect

    Everyone on our tour thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the tour. Granted, our last hotel had a broken air conditioner and some of the rooms had their windows bolted shut for safety reasons, and the resulting heat was unacceptable. Had those travelers been able to move to a room with the safety features that allowed for the windows to be opened, we would have been warm, but otherwise perfectly fine. One should be able to open one's window, but focusing on one night again 9 pretty perfect days/nights seems trivial. We hit all of the right beats for each of the cities. A little over view, small walking tour, city highlights, and unique trades experiences in each city. Even the night train was a great time and almost everyone on my tour was worried about it. Also, our Tour Director was phenomenal!
    KSMetonym / Group leader
    Waldron, AR but now Fort Worth, TX / Posted on July 25, 2016
  4. Once in a lifetime

    I enjoyed the tour and the chance to see so many different cities and historic sites in a short period of time. There are some suggestions I would make to people who are travelling. Be sure to ask your tour director for specific details of each day. It would have been nice to know how many courses were going to be served and what food was going to be served. I didn't know we were having pizza for dinner and had it for lunch. We also experienced issues while using the Metro (subway) systems because we didn't know that we should hold on to our tickets while traveling. We needed the tickets to get on and get off the subway. Also - be prepared to walk - fast! Our tour director moved quickly and we often got separated from the group since we weren't able to keep up. Being given destinations would have been helpful.
    Mamabear69 / Adult traveler
    Fort Wayne, Indiana / Posted on July 24, 2016
  5. Terrible Experience

    Thought the trip would be a great experience until we got there. We were told we would get to go up the Eifel tower. We arrived on a national holiday in France and it was closed. The trip had been planned for over a year. YOu cannot tell me no one knew this was going to happen. We were told all the museum entrances were included in the cost. Every day the tour directer was collecting money for another thing we were scheduled to do. And the things that were included it turned out that I being under 18 would not have had to pay full price for anyway.
    disapointedstudent / Student traveler
    Connecticut / Posted on July 27, 2017
  6. Ready for more!

    EF provided a wonderful experience. There was no way we could have seen, done or learned so much without the tour guides from EF. This was a tour I will never forget. The accommodations got better and better as we traveled from place to place. The food provided made us feel like the locals. The hardest part of the trip was saying goodbye to our new friends and getting on the plane to return home. Be prepared for lots of walking and bring a good camera. You won't want to miss a shot!
    LetsGoSomewhere / Adult traveler
    California / Posted on June 27, 2017
  7. It's fun

    It was fun, but my students liked it more when I was able to tell them about the things and when I was able to take them to different places that aren't normally gone to by tourists. They wanted to do the things that the locals did. It was a good trip and we felt safe the whole time. I liked it a lot.
    Jacobs / Group leader
    Sykesville, Maryland / Posted on August 16, 2016
  8. Great Time!

    This was a great tour for my students and myself. We hit some of Europe's major cities and learned so much about European culture. It was a busy trip, moving a lot, but it kept us on our feet and we packed in as much learning and as many experiences as we could!
    Raider11 / Group leader
    Durham, North Carolina / Posted on August 01, 2016
  9. Good time

    The trip was a good experience, but could have been better. Most of the hotels did not have air conditioning, or, it was broken. It was super hot in the 90's degrees so very difficult to sleep. The WiFi would not connect in the hotels and even when it did, it still didn't work. And the food that EF provided was the same meal practically everyday. It didn't seem to matter if it was the hotel or a restaurant, they all served us basically the same meal over and over. We needed more variety for meals and more authentic food.
    The tour was educational and the local tour guides were pretty interesting most of the time. The sight seeing was good, except, touring the Eiffel Tower was not included. You should include going up in the Eiffel Tower into the tour!!
    jsk1d2123 / Group leader
    Tulsa, OKlahoma / Posted on July 23, 2016
  10. awe inspiring

    Wonderful trip. This will be one to remember forever. Tasting the wonderful foods of the region and the unbelieveable sites. It seemed like a dream.
    The only drawback was not enough time to explore some of my favorite locations more. I needed to stay about 2 weeks more. lol
    / Adult traveler
    Alexandra, LA / Posted on June 15, 2016

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