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  1. WOWZA~

    Our trip was amazing!
    Our guide was amazing!
    EVERYTHING was amazing!
    We really enjoyed how the trip was organized and paced (although we could have spent MORE time in each of our destinations and been totally ok with it!). It was the perfect balance of "tour time" and "free time"!
    / Group leader
    San Antonio, Texas / Posted on August 14, 2018
  2. Unforgettable Experience!

    While I had never traveled abroad or even at all our tour director made it very welcoming and calming for me throughout the whole trip. I had never been prone to try new things or go out of my comfort zone, but while being in a new country with a different culture and language you are bound to try something new. I was able to make many new friends from different parts of the world, not to mention that spending my birthday away from my family was really heartbreaking to think about but I do not regret it because I felt as if i had celebrated it with a new family that will always be a part of me. I encourage any student, parent or teacher to go ahead and take on a great adventure that will bring you great memories for years to come.
    Elle612 / Student traveler
    Laredo, Texas / Posted on June 18, 2017
  3. What an adventure!

    I don't know how they squeezed in so much in a 12 day tour, but my head is still spinning. I had to pinch myself time & again. So much history and's hard to put into words. Other than the extreme walking, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Lavinia, our tour guide, was the absolute best! She knows EVERYTHING & made it her mission to ensure everyone had a great time. The food & city tours were incredible. It was the trip of a life-time. Thank you!!
    Costarock / Adult traveler
    Lewisburg KY / Posted on August 04, 2019
  4. Breathtaking!

    I had no idea I would be able to see so many historic & beautiful cities in such a short period of time. We had an excellent tour guide. Lots of walking, though.
    Costarock / Adult traveler
    Lewisburg KY / Posted on July 16, 2019
  5. Great Tours/Bad Hotels

    The tours and tour director were great!!! I saw so many beautiful sites and wonderful treasures of the world. I learned a lot of interesting facts that I never knew. The hotels we stayed in were not what I was expecting. I had looked at the hotel websites before the trip and was excited to be staying in such nice accommodations. However, upon arrival to the hotels in Italy, they certainly were not as pictured on their websites. They were terrible!!! The showers were moldy. Dirty sheets on the beds and the folks working there were not accommodating at all. Yeah for the tours!! BOO for the hotels!!
    BlueEyes / Adult traveler
    Kentucky / Posted on July 14, 2019
  6. Super experience :)

    I completely enjoyed my trip to Paris and Italy. The accommodations were clean, the sites well thought, and it was fantastic to experience new culture.
    GMama / Adult traveler
    Yankton, SD / Posted on July 08, 2019
  7. Best Trip of My Life

    When I first decided to go on this trip, I was really hesitant because I was worried about not being able to understand things. Our tour guide made everything so easy to understand and so fun. I learned so much going on this trip and our tour guide made it all so meaningful. I had so much fun.
    / Student traveler
    Johns Creek, Georgia / Posted on July 02, 2019
  8. France & Italy Tour Experience

    Overall, the trip was OK. We covered so much in so little time. The food selected by EF was mediocre and I do not feel we experienced authentic foods from the region(s). The night train from France to Italy was a nightmare! The adult travelers, including students who were 18 , were forced to room with complete strangers. This should not be allowed! Our tour director was great!
    FirstTimer18 / Adult traveler
    California / Posted on April 30, 2019
  9. Fantastic trip

    I was very satisfied with this particular trip. I had an amazing time, Europe was absolutely beautiful.
    sk5453 / Student traveler
    New Berlin, WI / Posted on April 29, 2019
  10. Amazing trip!

    Alexander had an excellent trip, and was amazed by the things he saw. He enjoyed spending time with friends and thouroughly enjoyed the experience. The only regrets Alexander has is that he wished that he would have been able to go into the Eiffel tour, and also go in a gone for ride in Venice. In Venice he would have had the opportunity to go on the gondola except that the train ride from Paris to Venice was cancelled and instead we had to do a 13 hour bus ride which significantly ate into our time in. Venice.
    Bubbleboy / Student traveler
    Corona, Ca / Posted on June 26, 2018

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