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  1. Incredible All-Around Experience

    The entire trip was phenomenal. I was exposed to many different places and the experience was amazing. I would definitely do it again if I had the chance and hope to go back to Europe as soon as possible.
    Mike2000 / Student traveler
    Montebello, California / Posted on April 10, 2018
  2. Our of this world experience

    This trip was once in a lifetime opportunity. I enjoyed every single place visited. The trip was both educational and fun! Tour guide made sure we had an awesome experience for me and for everyone on the trip. Eiffel Tower tour was by far my favorite part of the trip.
    HappyTraveler16 / Student traveler
    Rochester, NY / Posted on July 27, 2017
  3. Saw so much!

    This itinerary is a great for maximizing time in each location. One can really see all of the big things and squeeze in a couple of unexpected thing in Paris and Barcelona. The two days in Provence were sun-drenched heaven and a nice break in the faster-paced cities.
    iheartparis / Group leader
    Chesapeake, VA / Posted on July 05, 2017
  4. Bonjour and Bon dia

    I absolutely loved this trip! And my calves are very toned too. Despite the hard first day and having to make a major time zone adjustment, everything was amazing and I definitely want to take the time to go back to try out some more of the everyday life, now that I have a lot of the typical tourist stuff done. It also further fueled my desire to travel more. It was actually way more relaxed than I thought it was going to be, while also fast-paced, and there were a bunch of opportunities to go try things that interested you, while still getting discounted prices. Oh and the food was pretty good too.

    I loved this trip and cannot wait to go back.
    J4sm1n3J / Student traveler
    Rancho Cordova, CA / Posted on June 21, 2017
  5. Absolutely fabulous!

    From the moment our feet touched the ground in France, we were experiencing the culture all around us! I loved this tour because it allowed us to see the cultural high points in each and every city we visited, but gave us plenty of time to explore on our own and experience each location independently.

    We would have loved more time to explore in Carcassonne, but we chose a food experience where we were able to enjoy an extended lunch to sample the local specialty, cassoulet.

    I definitely felt that we were able to take everything in at all of our destinations, but never felt too over-extended or rushed.
    shoppergirl / Group leader
    El Paso, TX / Posted on March 24, 2017
  6. Life Changing Experience!

    I never thought I would ever travel outside of the country where I live in so going on this tour was literally a life changing experience for me where I got to discover not only the world, but myself. If I had to say one thing that I did not like, it would be some of the people that went on the tour that I felt took it for granted that did not enjoy it to the fullest and the fact that we did not attend the optional activities I paid for. I personally enjoyed every single second of this tour even though we did not have the chance to go on the extra optional activities but I will definitely be signing up for more tours in the future!
    Jane46 / Student traveler
    El Paso, Texas / Posted on March 23, 2017
  7. Vigorously robust!

    This trip held an amazing array of historical and cultural experiences. The variety of very urban and more provincial was pleasing. Transportation experiences enhanced preparedness for future travel. The sites were important and exciting to see. I loved that the sites are also subjects of a variety of artwork that we also experienced. I loved the objective commentary about the current world issues happening right now as it related to the cultures of the regions we visited. I also can not fully express how wonderful our tour director was.
    purplebunny / Adult traveler
    Deer Park, WA / Posted on April 07, 2019
  8. Foreign Beauty

    My experience in Europe was truly amazing. Words can hardly describe the beauty of the lands in which I walked amongst, nor the feeling of being immersed into a new way of life. One essentially has not lived until they’ve set a foot in front of the other on grass that is not of home. They haven’t felt liberty until they’ve taken a breath of foreign air that spikes a tranquil sensation. Our Earth is enormous and I believe every man and woman should go out and dive into culture that they are yet to have found themselves in.
    HenriTheBest / Student traveler
    Painesville, Ohio / Posted on March 30, 2019

    This by far was the most exclusive, educational, yet fun trip i’ve had in my life. From the second we arrived to the airport to the time it was time to go home, I’ve never had so much fun on a trip. The learning experiences connected to what I was learning in the classroom, so to get an in person view and lesson was better than anything.
    / Student traveler
    Washington, D.C / Posted on January 07, 2019
  10. Adventure of a lifetime!

    I went to chaperone my kids, and I can only say good things about this tour. I am very impressed! It was very educational and well organized. Safety is their priority. We happened to be there when France won the World Cup 2018 and our tour director knew just exactly where to take us to avoid chaotic places and get back to the hotel safe. The places we went were oh so fascinating, amazing, breathtaking! Aside from our own tour director, we also had tour guides with their own field of expertise. We were given free time to explore on our own, try new food, take lots of photos, and buy souvenirs. We did a lot of endless walking but it was all worth it!
    Langging / Adult traveler
    Spring Texas / Posted on July 26, 2018

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