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  1. Never a Dull Moment!

    I couldn't have asked for a better experience than our Paris, Normandy, London trip! Our TD,TGs and the other groups we met up with were so much fun to get to know. This was the first time for many of us in Europe, for some it was the first time out of the country.

    We have a saying in my classroom:"Just because we are from a small town doesn't mean we have to be small-minded." I now have students that understand the world in a way I never could have taught in the classroom no matter how hard I tried. This is an experience we will never forget and always treasure.
    Heater / Group leader
    Mesquite, Nevada / Posted on May 05, 2019
  2. Highly recommend!

    I would highly recommend this tour for anyone who wants to give their students a sampling of the European culture. Our tour director was so flexible, knowledgeable, and constantly planning ahead to make each day of the tour as enjoyable as possible. The contrasts between Paris and London were fun to experience and the connections of this tour itinerary to the history of WWII made it especially educational.
    MmeB / Group leader
    Camp Hill, PA / Posted on June 19, 2018
  3. Absolutely Incredible Experience!!!!

    Absolutely incredible experience. I have used EF twice now, for my trips to Paris, Normandy, London, Germany, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, and I have never once been disappointed. EF takes great care of you, and I always felt safe, comfortable, and happy. The tour directors and guides are funny, charismatic, and knowledgable. I had so much fun on this trip, learned so much, and made many memories. Thank you so much EF!
    Nicol / Student traveler
    Colorado Springs, CO / Posted on April 04, 2018
  4. The Great Out Doors

    Educational Tours has helped many people achieve there dreams. Education is the first step to success. It will open so many doors for you in the future and keep your wall nice and shiny for the degree you long to receive. Educational Tours allows people to travel for little to nothing and it expands the learning experiences. Boarding an airplane for the first time can be a scary feeling, believe me. Boarding a plane without an itinerary is like hurling a startup without a business plan.
    Chunk / Student traveler
    Lexington / Posted on October 06, 2017
  5. Spectacular

    Our trip to Normandy was beyond rewarding. It truly opened our eyes to the magnitude of WWII's impact on the world and a new perspective of all those affected. I will be back to spend much more time here.
    RangerFan / Group leader
    Pearland, TX / Posted on June 21, 2017
  6. A Wonderful Experience!!!!!

    It was great! I loved it! Fantastic!!!!!
    lolll / Student traveler
    Chapel Hill, TN / Posted on September 12, 2019
  7. Somewhat disappointing trip

    My first trip with EF Tours and I was very excited. Most of the trip was ok. The hotel in Normandy was below standard it was dirty, it smelled and there were insect as thought no one stayed in the rooms for along time. The restaurant food wasn’t good and there was nothing else near by to get food. The worst was there were no hot water for showers. The hotel in London was nice.
    SamIam2 / Adult traveler
    Tampa, FL / Posted on September 07, 2019
  8. Great

    The tour did not include many activities that we paid for ahead of time but was still really expensive. Our addition in Belgium was not that much stuff with the price that it was.
    Emku / Student traveler
    Erie, PA / Posted on July 15, 2019
  9. A bit rough

    I didn't like that we had no choice for dinner, so if we didn't like what they gave us we just didn't eat. We also had no free time to go off by ourselves and do what we actually wanted to do instead of what they wanted us to do. I constantly felt rushed. I did like that we created a big group with other states, so we got to meet new people within our home country.
    Wiliewonka / Student traveler
    Montrose, PA / Posted on July 01, 2019
  10. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    This had the potential to be an amazing tour. However, we lost almost all of our time in Paris due to a flight delay as a result of a mechanical issue. While I understand that things go wrong, I felt the airline handled the problem very badly. A van company also misplaced a bag. Though we ultimately got the bag back, it wasn't until the very last day of the trip. By then we had replaced the passport that was in it and in so doing lost the 1/2 day in Paris we had left. The hotel had no air conditioning during a heat wave and some guests complained of linens soiled with feces.
    I have no complaints about the Normandy portion of the trip and would give everything there (from the guide to the bus driver to the hotel to the food and itinerary ) 5 stars.
    The London part of the trip was also good.
    The Tour Director deserves much credit as he was interesting, personable and knowledgeable both of practical and historical information. He was very accommodating when asked for help and advice.
    Flowergarden / Group leader
    Montrose, PA / Posted on July 01, 2019

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