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  1. Will Never Forget

    Our trip was amazing! Plain and simple from start to finish our group was over the top thrilled with our experience.
    Going into the trip I was most worried about the food options. A lot of the reviews discussed the lack of choice and creativeness with the meals but we did not find this to be the case. Our Ef Tour Director was the one who made all the difference. He worked with each restaurant and had a local option ready for each meal. He would discuss some options with the group the night before and ask what we wanted to try ie. escargot, frois gras, mussels, etc.
    The least of my concerns going into it was that of the hotels that we stayed in. This is because we spent such a small portion of our days in them that I mainly saw them as a place to recharge for our next day and nothing more. With that being said, this became a much larger issue than I anticipated due to the weather. Our trip took place during a heat wave (hottest day in London since 1976) which made air conditioning an issue. A number of the hotels that we stayed in did not have any AC which we knew going into it and were prepared for it but when the heat wave hit we realized the unusual weather made it hard to rest at night.
    The day to day events were great with all of the excursions and side events which made the trip memorable. Our EF Tour Director worked tirelessly to ensure we were at various locations to maximize our time (changing of the guard at buckingham palace, changing of the guard at Windsor Castle, Fountains being on at Versailles, seeing QUEEN ELIZABETH even.) It was evident watching our EF Tourd Director that he was constantly in communication with various entities to ensure that we were where we needed to be to make all of these things happen.
    If you have the opportunity you should go on this trip and use EF. It is not perfect as nothing is and there are flaws at times but like anything else in life if you focus on all of the things that go according to plan and are amazing instead of the few minor details that cause inconveniences you will have a trip that you will never forget.
    / Adult traveler
    Saluda, VA / Posted on June 28, 2017
  2. Spectacular

    Our trip to Normandy was beyond rewarding. It truly opened our eyes to the magnitude of WWII's impact on the world and a new perspective of all those affected. I will be back to spend much more time here.
    RangerFan / Group leader
    Pearland, TX / Posted on June 21, 2017
  3. Wonderful tour

    Our tour of Paris, Normandy and London was amazing. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to see these places, but our tour guide made it an experience I will never forget. He was so knowledgeable, professional and organized. His commentary added so much to the experience.

    Also, EF went to great lengths to ensure our safety and comfort level, as the London Bridge attack happened while we were in London.

    Thank you. I will definitely consider another tour with EF in the future.
    cinfinrn / Adult traveler
    Caledonia, MO / Posted on June 09, 2017
  4. Amazing.

    Tour was amazing! Lots of walking but that's expected.
    Cward826 / Adult traveler
    Farmington, Mo / Posted on June 08, 2017

    This tour is jam packed with activities. Constantly on the go. Definitely for the active young scholars... not for older people who have difficulty getting around.
    TravelJunky1 / Adult traveler
    Buckeye, AZ / Posted on November 25, 2017
  6. The Great Out Doors

    Educational Tours has helped many people achieve there dreams. Education is the first step to success. It will open so many doors for you in the future and keep your wall nice and shiny for the degree you long to receive. Educational Tours allows people to travel for little to nothing and it expands the learning experiences. Boarding an airplane for the first time can be a scary feeling, believe me. Boarding a plane without an itinerary is like hurling a startup without a business plan.
    Chunk / Student traveler
    Lexington / Posted on October 06, 2017
  7. One of my best experiences!

    Such an awesome experience! I think Paris is a little over rated but a good experience once.
    Cward826 / Adult traveler
    Farmington, Mo / Posted on September 04, 2017
  8. Almost Great

    This was a great trip that got you to all the sites but there was not enough time to completely explore the big places. We made it to Paris on the same day as the first day of travel and everyone was extremely tired. Spending two hours at the Louvre was not enough time to enjoy all they have to offer and since it was the first day, it was way too much walking with minimal sleep on the plane. The Eiffel Tower was good to see up close but we didn't even make it across the street to get close. In fact we only had 45 minutes there which was just enough time to snap some photos and pick up a souvenir. We didn't even get the option to go up the tower which was a huge disappointment. Same thing happened in London..."Look, there's the London Eye. Trust me, it's moving." we saw it from across the river. We didn't have the option to ride it and see the city either. Normandy was great! An unexpected fly-by with coalition aircraft was a huge bonus! The war museum was the same...wait for only have two hours to see this all day tour. The Palace of Versailles was good too but the gardens are so big that, again there wasn't enough time to go out and see the outer edges. By the time we got halfway to where we were going we had to head back or we'd be late. That was the running them; get out as far as you can but hurry up and get back and don't be late or we'll leave you there.
    Greysky / Adult traveler
    Houston, TX / Posted on August 02, 2017
  9. Great mother/son experience

    Our tour guide was marvelous. He bent over backwards to help us with extras and to make sure that we had a valuable and memorable trip. We enjoyed him so much that we'll be asking for him for our next tour.
    This was a trip we will not soon forget. So many great memories made with my son, co-workers, and friends. We even made some new friends along the way.
    SLAM / Adult traveler
    Littlestown, PA / Posted on July 31, 2017
  10. You Get a Bang for Your Buck!

    Overall, my EF experience was amazing. Very nice hotels, beautiful views, and super informative tour directors. The only issues were with finding lunch during free time simply because there are so many options. If you're up for a fast paced learning experience that will change your world perspective, I highly recommend this trip!
    TravelingKid32920 / Student traveler
    Chattanooga, TN / Posted on June 30, 2017

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