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  1. Educational experience

    We learned so much and saw many beautiful historic sites in just a few days. The tour was well organized with enough structured time and some free time. A memorable experience for all.
    Traveler1740 / Adult traveler
    Richmond,VA / Posted on July 01, 2019
  2. Incredible

    This was the most incredible experience I've ever had. I think about this tour all the time and the amazing impact it has had on my life. It fulfilled my dream of going to France and I got to see everything I wanted to! I cannot wait to go back one day. Our tour guide, Margeuritte, was the best as well! I can't imagine a more perfect trip it truly was incredible.
    lizziek14 / Student traveler
    Ohio / Posted on September 05, 2017
  3. Wonderful Experience

    Great thanks to EF for an amazing journey to France.We had very professional Tour Director and bus drivers. F and L were simply wonderful. The tours was well planned and executed. We were able to visit all the sites listed in our brochures + more.We hit the road as soon as we landed in Nice. My group had to miss a day because some of my students were sick and tired. We stayed at the hotel. The hotels were clean and the service was impeccable. The three course dinners were ok but smaller in size, compared to the US. Breakfast was very good. We had the choice of fruits, which was awesome at the start of our very busy days. The local guides were very knowledgeable and courteous.
    Gblazu / Group leader
    Dallas, Georgia / Posted on June 20, 2017
  4. Best Time of My Life

    I could not possibly speak more highly of my experience with EF Tours. The trip was well-organized, our tour director was fantastic, and I wish that I could go back to France everyday! Without a doubt, my experience with EF Tours was one of the happiest times of my life!
    LSR0704 / Student traveler
    Groton, NY / Posted on March 26, 2017
  5. Decent

    It was fun but there were a few issues that made the experience not so good.
    Elle234 / Student traveler
    Grand Rapids, Michigan / Posted on July 12, 2019
  6. Great tour - lousy hotels

    The tour was wonderful - we had a great tour director, and the country was beautiful. Only negative - and it was a big negative - was that the hotels were really poor quality and ALL were located outside the cities we were visiting. That great diminished the value of the tour, because we couldn't take a simple walk after dinner in the great cities we were visiting.
    Unsquish / Adult traveler
    Grand Rapids, MI / Posted on July 12, 2019
  7. Great trip but not a true french experience

    This trip was the best that I have ever been on. The country is beautiful, the people are wonderful and the each day’s event is great! However there are a few things that I would like to point out that made my trip suffer.
    1. Our tour director was a tourist just like us. For the first six days during our travel she had never been to any of these cities before. For those days she printed out descriptions of each city for us to read instead of telling us this information as one would think that she would. It felt as though she knew nothing about the places we were going. Our ‘walking tours’ were her leading us to where our meal was located and giving us thirty minutes of free time before dinner started. Which doesn’t give us time to do anything. Mostly we just stood there since there wasn’t much else to do in the area.
    2. Our meals were subpar. The breakfast in the hotels are ok but our dinners should be very french. I did not like that we didn’t have a choice on what to eat for dinner. I wish that we at least had an option even if it’s between two to three dishes. I know that there is a time crunch to eat dinner but I just want something different since almost every dinner was very similar and was not a very authentic french meal. Some of the restaurants weren’t the greatest as well and it was odd that the meals were so early in the day for us. The French normally eat around 8pm and that’s when we would’ve liked to eat because we wanted to know what it was like to eat like the French people. One meal specifically was the most authentic french meal and tasted the best... however the atmosphere was full of other Americans from other EF tours. When we were in France we wanted to feel like we were experiencing french cuisine in a french restaurant . Instead it was french cuisine with an American atmosphere.
    3. On the side of the hotels; I wish that they were closer to the cities. All of our hotels were on the outskirts of each city or in another town entirely. Every day we would go to the hotel at 8pm but in France the sun doesn’t set until 10pm so with two hours left in our day we all wanted to keep going and explore without the constraints of an event or upcoming meal. Some of us are also 18+ year old. We would have liked to go experience the French nightlife. However since our hotels were so far from the city life we couldn’t do that.
    4. Our bus rides took up a great chunk of our days. Everyday we had a bus ride that took at least two hours per day. Some even took up to six hours! I get that my tour was seeing The entirety of France but these bus rides took so much of our days that they felt wasted. I would have rather wanted to either travel early morning or late at night so that we weren’t missing any time to explore when stores/events were still going on.
    5. Our free time was not long enough. For all but one day of the tour did we get an adequate amount of free time. During this time we wanted to explore, shop and eat lunch, if it fell during lunch. In most cases we got one hour for all three of those things and since we were only visiting some cities once, we didn’t have enough time to feel satisfied or sometimes even eat. Sometimes our free time occurred when stores weren’t open yet or they had just closed. So it felt as though we didn’t have much to do. We would like to have more time to sightsee.
    / Student traveler
    Columbus, Ohio / Posted on July 07, 2019
  8. Awesome life experience!

    This trip/tour was amazingly awesome!!!! All of the tour guides and drivers were awesome!! I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone!!! Life changing
    / Student traveler
    Newport News, VA / Posted on July 06, 2019
  9. Disappointed

    I thought everything could have been better planned. Too much bus time. Hotels far away from anything. We were given free time to shop when stores were closed. Meals were cheep and repetitive. Bus driver got into an accident and was using profanity while driving. We were robbed in our hotel room.
    Megonot / Adult traveler
    Linwood, NJ / Posted on July 05, 2019
  10. Great tour of Southern France

    This was my second tour with EF. As before, the tour guide was great and we had an opportunity to see a lot of the country. A lot of history and a person has an opportunity to learn a lot about France
    cledeb / Adult traveler
    Cleveland, OH / Posted on July 02, 2019

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