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  1. Best trip of my life!

    From the minute we were off of the plane out tour guide was so helpful and full of knowledge. I have always dreamed of visiting France since I was little and this trip exceeding those dreams. The three days in Paris were packed full of amazing sites and wonderful food. The guide really kept us busy which helped us sleep really well at night. The timing of everything was so convenient. We never had to wait in line for anything so we had more time at the different places.
    All of the bus drivers were wonderful and very easy to communicate with. When we arrived in the South of France it was really nice to take things at a slower pace. Everyone in the little towns were very nice and accepting of us. I loved talking to the locals and hearing their stories and then having out tour guide tell us the history of these little places.
    Overall the whole trip was wonderful and I will definitely be looking into going on another!!
    sunflowergrl / Student traveler
    Knoxville, Tennessee / Posted on June 10, 2018
  2. Amazing Opportunity!

    Very amazing tour! This tour really allowed for me to discover all that France has to offer. All of the small excursions to cities allowed me to experience the culture of big and little cities. I would love to attend another tour, for I believe this is the best way to visit a new country for the first time.
    drivelikeido / Student traveler
    Posted on July 06, 2017
  3. Everything we could have asked for.

    This trip was amazing. Just when you are sure nothing will impress you more than Paris, you're introduced to the breathtaking French Countryside. Finishing the trip off in Monaco and Monte Carlo really sent our group home with a travelers high. Dinners could vary a little more and overall more fruits and veggies would have been welcome, but also easy to find on the street.
    MIgroupleader / Group leader
    Auburn, MI / Posted on July 01, 2017
  4. Unforgettable Experience

    An unforgettable and moving experience that changed the way we see our world forever. Well-organized, professionally led tours with informative friendly guides helped us see the most important sites in beautiful Paris and the sun-kissed Riviera.
    EmilyR / Adult traveler
    Posted on April 14, 2017
  5. Génial!!

    Such a great itinerary in terms of pacing, with a nice balance of structured activities and free time. We enjoyed the beautiful spring weather, even got a kick out of being in the Avignon area for the Mistral wind. Our Tour Director was incredible and the kids really appreciated his knowledge and wit. The favorite activities of the majority of our group were: visiting Versailles, the specially-requested cooking class, the Pont du Gard and Nîmes amphitheater visits. I would highly recommend this tour itinerary!
    MadameA / Group leader
    Novi, Michigan / Posted on April 11, 2017
  6. Incredible

    The most incredible trip of my life surrounded by some amazing people
    Crvillalobos0213 / Student traveler
    Mesa, Arizona / Posted on March 19, 2019
  7. Priceless

    This was my first trip out of the country and I went as an adult traveler with a family member (student). The adventure cannot be described in a short review because it is so much more; the experience of being there surrounded by culture is something you will remember for the rest of your life!! In nine days we managed to tour the Notre-Dame Cathedral, see the Eiffel Tower both during the day and at night (best time to see it), see various landmarks and monuments along the city streets of Paris via a bus tour with an experienced tour guide, visit the Palace of Versailles and Gardens, see the tomb of Napoleon the 1st -Dome Des Invalides, spent the afternoon at Louvre where you will find the infamous Mona Lisa, walked the streets of Provence and Avignon and saw the largest and most important medieval gothic building Palais des Papes, put our feet in the water at Pont du Gard, visited the Arles Amphitheater built in 90AD and took a boat cruise in Cassis seeing one of the top ten beaches in the world ending our trip in Monaco/Nice.

    So much time and thought went into this trip. You did not feel rushed and were able to enjoy everything you saw and appreciate its beauty.

    A few key things to remember are:

    Bring good COMFORTABLE and supportive walking shoes (at least two minimum that you can switch out daily) as you will not stop walking until you are passed out in your bed for the night. You are on the move from early in the am (before 0730) until late in the evening (after 2130).

    Bring LOTS of baby wipes/handwipes with you as you will want those to clean off your feet and use to clean your arms and legs as it gets very hot throughout the day.

    Bring an empty water bottle that you can fill up throughout the day if you are lucky to find a place. Plan to spend a nice amount on bottled water as you will need it throughout your trip and it will be your number one luxury.

    Bring a few bags with you that you can take to the market as some of the vendors do not have bags.

    Purchase beforehand or while you are there a HAND FAN. Believe me when I say this will be your life saver as well as a small umbrella for shade. A lot of places in France do not have air conditioning so some places might be hotter than others.

    Don't expect luxury hotel rooms. They are perfectly fine but are small and some do not have air-conditioning. Bring your own washcloth or loofa as the hotels do not hand these out and note that you will have one towel per guest per night. So an extra towel in your checked luggage would not hurt.

    Last but not least, just know you will have an amazing time and be open to the adventure. you will be tired and/or at times tired of walking but man up as it truly is a once in a life time experience; it was for me.
    Kochurani / Adult traveler
    Greenwood Village, CO / Posted on July 23, 2018
  8. Amazing

    I never thought I would ever enjoy something so much in my entire life. If anyone is on edge of deciding about going, I recommend it 100%. You will not regret it.
    greengrass / Student traveler
    Posted on July 18, 2018
  9. Exhausting and expensive but comprehensive

    I know EF provided upfront guidance with regard to the pace of the program, but I felt it was sometimes too much for the students. As a seasoned budget European traveler in my youth and someone who travels for business, I was able to handle the pace reasonably well, but many other adults without this experience also struggled. Extreme heat in Paris, and the flipping of the itinerary also did not help, as the heaviest schedule was at the end when everyone was tired. Hotels were better than expected, as were associated breakfasts, but dinners were in general poor quality and lacking in salad and vegetables. Not sure how much historical and cultural learning was planned, but I saw the trip mostly as a sightseeing sampler of the region, often with little relevant historical perspective. Cinque Terres, San Remo, and Arles were very picturesque, but Monaco and Avignon could be skipped for their lack of historical context. Paris was very well done, mostly due to the efforts of our very expert guide. The guide was extremely accommodating and tried to optimize the trip in many large and small ways, but was somewhat hampered by the demanding itinerary and the attempt to merge two very disparate groups. Our small group (4 high school French students and 5 adults) was interested in historical learning,, but was paired with a large, younger group from the from the west coast that had not studied the language or culture and seemed to want mostly entertainment and shopping. This was capped off with poor itinerary planning for flights. On the way to Milan, we were routed through a very inefficient Amsterdam connection and barely made our second flight. On the return, our bus driver got lost picking up two other groups and we were dropped in a remote spot with no guidance to our check in area. With our group size, several taxis would have been better. We barely made the flight, despite getting up at 4 am for a 9 am flight. This should have been handled better.

    In all, I’m glad I accompanied my daughter but we have both agreed that if we were asked to go on a future trip with this company we would decline.
    Motherintow / Adult traveler
    Waterford, michigan / Posted on July 10, 2018
  10. Would Not Recommend

    Too rushed, too much to see in very little time, little time to rest.
    Poor quality accommodations, lousy food when provided by tour.
    Had to share a bed regularly (not expected).
    Great to have wi-fi in bus.
    Nice to meet people from a far-away state.
    Overall a good experience but not of the quality that I expected.
    tnlpptso / Student traveler
    Albany, California / Posted on July 08, 2018

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