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  1. Fabulous Trip

    I cannot say enough good things about our trip to Panama. Our students were engaged all of the time, learning and having fun all at once. Our tour guide was the best I have ever experienced, and I have done trips with students 8 times before. We were kept informed and treated so well the whole time. Visiting the pineapple farm and the indigenous tribe were spectacular highlights of the trip, along with getting to know Panama City and the canal. I would recommend this trip to everyone.
    Panamazing / Adult traveler
    Suwanee, GA / Posted on March 25, 2019
  2. Panama is AMAZING!

    Panama was the perfect, well-rounded trip! We experienced so many different elements that Panama had to offer including the locks of the Panama Canal, a rainforest boat ride, visiting an indigenous group, seeing both the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean and even a pineapple farm. This trip was the perfect balance of education and fun!
    Historybuff2 / Group leader
    Wichita, KS / Posted on August 08, 2018
  3. The best experience of my life

    I have absolutely no complaints about this tour, we had the best food from eating at a restaurant of choice in Casco Viejo, to a meal cooked fresh by the Embera Tribe. The tour was very organized, our tour guide was so well informed, and really engaged all of us! I learned so much, and had the best week of my life. From snorkeling in the Caribbean, to dancing with local children in La Chorrera, to walking to a waterfall, drinking pineapple smoothies in hammocks, taking a boat ride on Gatun lake, and the monkeys climbing on our boats, every single day was spent so so well. Our hotel was very nice, and when we had free time the pool was really fun. I can not recommend this tour enough! For all ages, our tour had kids from ages 13-18, and each and every one of us had an amazing time!
    maddieec / Student traveler
    Portland, Oregon / Posted on July 15, 2018
  4. A truly enriching tour

    I recently returned from a one week long tour in Panamá, which undoubtedly ranks as one of the best weeks of my life. Starting at the beginning with an all-to-often glossed over factor, the travel itself was easy and stress free. EF arranged a great flight which went by without any hitches. It may sound obvious, but initial bumps before we even reach the destination can put the tour in a bad light to begin with. We landed early afternoon and hit the ground running with a tour of Panamá city led by our fantastic guide. Every day had meaningful, educational, and thoroughly fun activities which engaged my interest and made me both think about and feel for the incredible country of Panamá. A short summary of our activities includes: visiting a pineapple farm (best pineapple anywhere, plus taught me a lot about sustainable agriculture and the farming culture in Panamá); activities such as hands on scavenger hunts which encouraged us to interact directly with the people of Panamá; a private tour of the Panamá Canal; a cultural exchange with the indigenous Embera people; and many many more. Not only was the itinerary first rate, but our guide was knowledgeable, welcoming, friendly, and more than understanding when we just needed a bit of rest after a long exhausting day. Food was a mix of traditional Panamanian food (fish, plantains, etc.) and Western cuisine (we stopped at a shopping mall one day which offered an extensive food court), and not a single meal was bad, unappealing, or failed to leave me satisfied. They were also more than accommodating for those vegetarians and others with dietary restrictions in our group. Finally, the atmosphere and shared experiences of the tour ensured that by the time we left I'd made good friends with people from all four schools on the tour. This ability to meet new people, whether other students or Panamanians, and forge those interpersonal connections is what truly put the finishing touches on this unbelievable experience.
    cosmicdragons / Student traveler
    Posted on June 11, 2018
  5. Best week of my life!

    Our week was jam packed with all sorts of fun activities. Some of my favorites include: visiting a family owned pineapple farm, day spent with indigenous Embera tribe, visiting the Panama Canal up close, swimming in both Pacific and Atlantic oceans, visiting ruins sites. I feel I received a well rounded tour that provided a good combination of education and fun!!
    Panamalover / Student traveler
    Southington, Ct / Posted on April 16, 2018
  6. Panama

    I think the company should consider the flights when teenagers and children are traveling as well as the distance. My daughter was on a 5 am flight 2 hours away so that meant hotel stay or on road at 2 in the morning and then coming home, her flight was due to arrive at midnight but was delayed which could happen so EF tours need to take that into consideration as well. Due to delays the kids didnt get in until 3 am and again the airport is 2 hours away. How safe is that for kids or parents to travel in the middle of the night? Then they booked a middle school group with my daughters high school group so my daughter and her friends were annoyed most of the trip. For the money I paid,’y daughter did not have an enjoyable time and neither did her group. Also the activities need to be versatile. The students hiked 3 days in a row the first 3 days, at different places. I mean how much hiking can 1 child do in 8 days? By day 3 no one in her group wanted to go hiking not one more time. I was a little disappointed and so was daughter.
    Lboogie / Student traveler
    Maryland / Posted on July 20, 2019
  7. Learning so much

    I really enjoyed it and our guide, Louis, was great.
    Benry / Student traveler
    Madison, WI / Posted on July 20, 2019
  8. overpriced

    I am a world traveler and signed my son up for the tour to Panama. He did have a good time and enjoyed the tour. My problem with the company is the price of the trip for a 3 star hotel with 3 kids in a room and bad food, plus the flight from JFK to Panama had a layover in Atlanta....means they chose the cheapest flight through one of the worst airports. Kids ended up with a 20 hour delay and slept at the airport. The most disturbing thing, however, was when I tried to call EF's emergency number, I was on hold for 25 minutes ! And the woman who eventually answered was not helpful at all . Not thrilled with this company, and I wouldn't send my child again with them.
    ariella / Student traveler
    NY / Posted on July 09, 2019
  9. Panamaravilloso

    Every aspect of the trip was wonderful. From the tour guide, to the hotel, to the history, to the wildlife and nature, to the growing as a group.

    Panama is a country with lots to offer and in the course of a week I felt like I truly saw a lot of the entire Panamanian experience. Maybe not the first on some people's travel destination list but it should be.
    Iman10 / Adult traveler
    Greenbelt, MD / Posted on July 05, 2019
  10. Fantastic Fun!

    It was my first time to Panama. The trip was organized, exciting and of course educational. Our guide was FANTASTIC! We did so many things but also had time to rest and relax which the kids really needed. Panama was a great experience and I would recommend this trip to any high school group.
    Mando / Adult traveler
    Indianapolis, Indiana / Posted on June 07, 2019

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