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  1. Mia san Immersion

    Our group (a combination of two local high schools) recently participated in the second German immersion program to run in Munich with the EF Munich language school. My group did not participate in the optional Berlin excursion; my colleagues' group did.

    From the perspective of organization, EF could not have done a better job, particularly at this early stage. The flexibility of the tour director, the language school faculty and staff, and the students allowed for a great experience that I think none will forget, and the curricular goals of the program ensure at least some German learning, but more importantly increased confidence in speaking and a deeper passion for the German language and culture.

    Our excursions blended the historical and the contemporary, as well as the everyday and the extraordinary. Students were able to get a feeling for the city and its transportation network, allowing them to explore more on their own and feel confident.

    I recommend this program without reservation.
    DoctorO / Group leader
    Posted on June 22, 2015
  2. Munich immersion: not ready for prime time

    I participated in a 7-day German language trip in Munich as an adult traveler.

    Overall, I think the students had a good experience. We went to the major sites in Munich as well as Neuschwanstein. There was a good balance of structure and free time for exploration. The easy accessibility to the U-Bahn helped the students develop confidence in navigating a foreign city's transit system.

    The immersion tour in Munich needs some retooling, though. The agenda provided beforehand was not followed and we never did obtain any kind of formal agenda for planning purposes. We went to two restaurants twice, which is unacceptable in a city the size of Munich. There were several previously-unannounced add-on excursions that cost the students additional money. The planning for the activities was often suboptimal. As an example, too much time was allotted for BMW Welt while no time was allotted for Olympiapark or the tower immediately adjacent to BMW Welt. The purported 'dinner with a local family' was, for more than half of our group, actually dinner at a restaurant preparing to open to the public.

    In short, the Munich immersion tour provided the students with valuable exposure to another culture but this tour needs better planning and organization.
    Juan0378 / Adult traveler
    Indianapolis, IN / Posted on March 23, 2016
  3. Awesome

    Excellent tour. Our tour guide was very organized and helpful and always got us where we needed to be. The hotel was great, and each of the daily activities was lots of fun. A+
    AllTheNicknamesAreTaken / Student traveler
    St. Louis, MO / Posted on March 21, 2016
  4. Relaxing and Enjoyable

    1) Great opportunity for students to use their German.
    2) Awesome sites
    3) Able to relax when needed
    4) Student's were able to use München transit, no problem.
    5) Hotel Ibis was great (Westendstraße)
    6) München as home base was awesome.
    7) I can't believe how much of Berlin we saw in 1 1/4 days. (not enough, but better awesome for the time)
    8) Tour Director was.... AMAZING!!!!
    9) Expensive, but a once in a life time experience for some of our students.
    / Adult traveler
    Washington, PA / Posted on June 30, 2015

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