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  1. Transformative!

    As a Spanish teacher, to see my students utilizing the language they've studied in my classroom was truly invigorating! Each day, I saw them challenge themselves as language learners and push their boundaries. The opportunities for using their language were endless, and they returned from the trip more open, confident and excited to use their new skills when they returned to class!
    SenoraF / Adult traveler
    Chantilly, VA / Posted on June 02, 2019
  2. Amazing Experience

    I would recommend this tour to anyone who not only wants to learn the language but to feel like they are totally emersed in the culture
    Ahatcher / Student traveler
    Burke, Virginia / Posted on July 22, 2015
  3. Unforgettable experience

    The trip was so well organized and planned out. There was never a dull moment and our tour guide was amazing! I learned so much Spanish and fell in love with Spain. I felt safe the whole time and got very close with my class mates. Overall a life changing trip!
    Rxa1222 / Student traveler
    Wheaton illinois / Posted on June 21, 2017
  4. Classes were awful, rest was good

    The 3 hour classes in the morning were way too long. Especially considering that the entire class already knew the basic vocabulary that we went over during the class. I felt that the classes were a waste of the short time we had. While I enjoyed touring famous landmarks, I felt that the scavengers hunts were also a waste of time. The tour is also lacking in free time. Overall, I enjoyed the trip and the sites I visited and experiences that I had. However, I would not chose the Immersion tour again.
    Denim / Student traveler
    Posted on June 22, 2016
  5. Not An Amazing or Emersing Experience

    Classes focused on the most basic vocabulary but rest of experience treated us like we were fluent already. Three hours is too long to spend doing something you already have mastered. Other activities "emersed" us by asking us to talk to strangers on the street who did not want to be spoken to in broken Spanish by Americans. I was more emersed ordering my lunch than during structured activities. No free time allotted for seeing sights or doing activities not prescribed by the tour--and the tour prescribed very little sight-seeing.
    The sights we did see were very enjoyable and those tour guides were helpful and excellent teachers of Spanish. Spain is a beautiful country. I wish I had time to see the parts of it I wanted to see.
    HashtagEFMoments / Student traveler
    Knoxville / Posted on June 22, 2016
  6. Mixed Feelings

    The best moments on my trip were not necessarily courtesy of EF. Rather, they were the friendships made within my group. Had I not been with such a great group of students, I truly think I would have been miserable. I would NEVER sign up for an immersion trip again. While most of the teachers were nice, the material in no way helped me grow my Spanish speaking abilities. I grew the most in learning Spanish through both my tour director and interaction with locals. This interaction with the locals was not a result of the poorly organized (especially the Prado) scavenger hunts, either. One of the questions on the Prado scavenger hunt was literally which Kardashian the woman in the painting best resembled. My group found it all to be a joke and paid no attention to insignificant questions that distracted the viewer from the deeper meanings of the pieces. In my opinion, the scavenger hunts need to be cut entirely and classes need to be shorter and/or broken up so that every morning is not spent in the classroom.
    However, there were a few positives from this trip. Having dinner with a Spanish family was a huge highlight from my trip. On that evening I felt truly immersed in the culture. Additionally, I had an amazing time visiting a local school in Malaga. I had so much fun interacting with the students and wish I could have stayed longer. Also, the surprised boat ride provided stunning views of the Mediterranean along with the dinner by the beach. Our tour director tried really hard to please everyone and seemed extremely organized. While I would not travel on the Immersion tour again, I would return to Malaga in a heartbeat and definitely repeat some of the same things that I experienced with EF. I think this tour has a lot of potential but just needs to work out how to balance school and free time along with making the classes more tolerable.
    WestHigh865 / Student traveler
    Knoxville, TN / Posted on June 22, 2016
  7. I wish I could go back!

    Málaga was an amazing place. I loved the experience so much. There were di many cool activities that allowed us to practice our spanish. My only complaint is who we traveled with. We were paired up with a school from New York. They were all incoming Freshman and some 8th graders. The age gap between our group and their group was huge. The maturity level was low for them. With this difference it made it hard for us to get along and enjoy the time we were forced to spend with them. That was a choice on EF, pairing two groups with such a large age gap.
    Hahaha / Student traveler
    Portland, Oregon / Posted on July 01, 2015

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