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  1. Awesome Trip!

    Our trip was wonderful, and everything went so smoothly! Even the things I was apprehensive about as a chaperone went off without a hitch. Our main tour guide was exceptional - he had everything prepared for us, gave the students all of the information they would need, and planned ahead for bad weather or any problems we could encounter. We were in great hands! The tour guides in each city we visited were incredibly knowledgeable, which made for a very rich experience. EF greatly exceeded my expectations, and the students were blown away. Overall I was so incredibly pleased with our trip.
    Frenchie108 / Adult traveler
    Dallas, Tx / Posted on March 20, 2018
  2. Trip of a Lifetime

    We signed up for this tour well in advance, and having never been on an educational tour, did not know what to expect. We now realize that there could have been so many issues that would have been frustrating had the tour company not been well-prepared, but due to excellent preparation and service by EF and its staff, the trip was a wonderful experience for our family of 5!! Our tour guide was truly phenomenal. She spoke four languages, really worked well with our 6th through 8th children, and was calm under pressure. No doubt, it takes a special person to be able to guide a school tour group of 40 people (including 26 teenagers) through the big cities of Paris and Rome. She and the rest of the EF staff made it seem effortless. Plus, the tour guide was a fountain of knowledge and information for us and our teenage children. On the final night, many parents, children (and the tour guide) cried on the bus at having the tour end. Moreover, we never stopped learning. If there is any word of caution as to this trip, be ready to exercise and don't expect a lot of downtime or extra time to relax. We were always on the move, and each night, we collapsed into bed after a full day of walking. If you are not ready for considerable exercise, don't sign up for a European tour.
    NCFAM / Adult traveler
    Charlotte, NC / Posted on April 28, 2017
  3. Europe 2017

    It was amazing to expirience this. I never thought I'd go to these places. Everyone should get the chance to go on these tours.
    / Student traveler
    New York City / Posted on April 18, 2017
  4. ahhhhmazing!

    My students are still talking about this trip! Several students took their first flights while on an eleven day excursion, and they are already wanting to do studies abroad when they go to college! They loved to travel and everything about it! I would highly recommend the extension to Pompeii, Sorrento, and Capri. The smaller towns and cosatal areas were a big switch from the European capitals and seeing these other places gave students a wholistic perspective of travel. I would highly recommend it!
    Reece / Group leader
    Watkinsville, Georgia / Posted on July 05, 2016
  5. Great tour

    This was my first tour with EF. It was a great trip to discover three great cities. I had a good time but EF's lack of organization was evident.
    Our Tour director was great and worked hard to solve the problems that EF created. Travelers that paid for the Toledo excursion were not able to go to the Prado Museum; so, some travelers paid more and get less.
    Food in Spain and France was not good. Hotels were not in a nice area. For the price we paid EF should have offered us better food and hotels.
    I hope EF takes this comments seriously and works harder to improve its service. Let's see if EF is going to offer us better food, better accommodations for our next trip and most importantly offer us the itinerary that we are paying for.
    Cobby / Adult traveler
    Plattsburgh / Posted on November 17, 2018
  6. Growing Experience

    Our daughter went with a group of high school students to Spain, Italy and France. She had a wonderful experience and had the opportunity to see so many places while on the 10-day trip. It was a safe and great way to allow a young lady travel outside of the US.
    yyyyy / Parent
    Pittsburgh, PA / Posted on July 02, 2018
  7. Great Trip

    As a student who plans on traveling the world for my career I thought it would be good to see some of it before college. This trip made me realize how speacial traveling actually is. I would recommend this trip to anyone who has similar interest to me.
    Not every city was what I expected but some truly blow you away. Try to learn from these trips, they will make u realize more about yourself then you have even known.
    grd0005 / Student traveler
    McMurray, PA / Posted on July 01, 2018
  8. Adventure

    The first few days were good, only one plane delay when going to Paris. We missed over a day and a half sitting in an airport trying to get to Rome. EF did not do anything to try to get us on another flight, find us another way of getting there such as train or bus or let us tour another place such as Barcelona since we were flown there twice. If our tour had been like the first few days it would have been a blast.
    Dad2 / Adult traveler
    Toccoa Georgia / Posted on June 18, 2018
  9. Terrible Experience

    The first few days were not bad. We only had one airline delay, but when we were supposed to go to Rome we were not told until we were at the airport by EF that our flight was cancelled. I feel that EF should have gave us an option to tour somewhere, but instead we wasted a day and a half in the airport. We then got to Rome the next day and we’re rushed to sightsee. We even had to eat in the airports when should have had a choice for dinner. Some meals were supposed to have been paid through EF and were not.
    Dissapointed2 / Student traveler
    Toccoa / Posted on June 16, 2018
  10. When can I go back!

    This trip was worth every penny. We had our amazing tour guide meet us at the airport in Madrid and he never left our side throughout the trip. He did really well at answering any questions we may have. I am so glad our group decided to do the extra add on days to the trip. It was so worth it seeing Pompei and Capri. There is a lot of walking on the trip. My daughter kept track and figured out that in our 11 days of being on the trip we walked about 66 miles. It took us a few days to really figure out how much we would be going and that its very hard to find bathrooms. The first day we didnt eat lunch so you learn to pack snacks and not drink a lot of water. There were a few issues with some of the tours and we would have to wait in line for 30 minutes but atleast we were not there for hours waiting. There was issues with noisy people in some of the hotels but it all worked out and it was very easy to look past all the small things and see how amazing the trip was. If you can not walk for hours a day and go with getting back to a hotel late at night and then getting up early in the morning to start touring again then this tour is not right for you but this is the best way to see alll that we saw and it was amazing how well EF took care of us.
    cr23 / Adult traveler
    Ogden,UT / Posted on April 14, 2018

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