• Rough Ride

    Despite our luggage taking 10-hours to arrive from the airport to our hotel the 1st night, and an extremely long and tiring night train ride from Paris to Rome, it was a valuable experience. It was exciting for all to see London, but we did not see much there. The hotels were so far from the different city centers that we were forced to waste a lot of time traveling by bus or metro to points of interest. The trip was extremely exhausting, but all things considered, worth it.
    / Adult traveler
    Newark, CA / Posted on July 06, 2019
  • Great Experience!

    I learned so much history visiting these cities. Most of the tour guides spoke loud enough to hear and clearly. The people in each country were very polite and patient with us who didn't speak their language fluently.

    I would like riding by bus to these cities or train so I could see the countryside and what kind of farming is being done.

    Motels closer to the area we visited. By the time we get to the motel, everyone is asleep and has to be woken up.
    Busha / Adult traveler
    Ashton, NE / Posted on June 11, 2019
  • World wind trip!

    The trip was fast paced for this 47 year old Mom, but just right for my 15 year old. It is mind boggling to think in one week I saw the Rosetta Stone, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and visited the Colosseum in Rome. It was an amazing trip. I felt safe and cared for the entire time. We were led through every train transfer and every walk. For our first trip to Europe, it was hands down the way to go!
    BreezyB / Adult traveler
    Alabama / Posted on June 07, 2019
  • Very Good tour

    I really enjoyed the tour and all that we got to experience. The actual tours and guides were fabulous. The one thing that was not ideal and seemed to cause problems was how far away from everything we stayed each night. A lot of time was wasted riding on a bus to get to each city. I toured with EF to Spain 2 years ago and we stayed close to all the action and it just seemed as if we got to experience more that way.
    boocat / Adult traveler
    Rock Rapids, Iowa / Posted on March 19, 2019
  • Whirlwind Tour!

    I am very familiar with the London, Paris, Rome tour but this year I felt like I got a lot more out of it on a personal level. The Tour Guide was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and willing to help our travelers to learn about things that were not necessarily on the itinerary. If there was a downside it was that I did not feel I had enough personal time at the Vatican or St. Peters.
    FrodoBaggins / Group leader
    Heath, TX / Posted on January 08, 2019
  • Blah !

    This tour totally sucked ! Everything from the food , tour guide , and time wasted while on the tour . I would not recommend this tour or EF to anyone . Guide was not at the airport to greet us . Waited 2 hours after we got through customs to board a bus . I was not impressed by EF at all . Hotels were an hour or so away from where we would be going everyday . Why not have a hotel closer to the sites ?
    Swimma / Student traveler
    Kansas City , Missouri / Posted on August 21, 2018
  • Not worth full price

    Parts of this tour were exceptional. Sadly those parts were museums and outings I discovered independently more often than the activities covered in the EF program. My tour director was not very communicative nor engaged with me or the other travelers. She did not appear to have vast amounts of information about any of the places we wished to see and mostly appeared harassed and beleaguered by any attempts to get information about meeting times, places, etc.
    Theboy / Adult traveler
    Lawson, MO / Posted on July 23, 2018
  • A great experience with a few bumps

    We spent around 2 days in each city (London, Paris, Rome). London was almost entirely free time with no direction, and we had no idea what to do, so it was a little confusing and hectic. It seemed that in Paris and Rome we had almost NO free time, everything was rushed and tightly planned. Our tour guide Simona did well, but she didn't tell us very much information about where we were, and when she did she did not talk loud enough for every one to hear. It seemed like she both did know what she was doing and had no idea what she was doing at the same time. Overall it was a great experience, but there were a few bumps in the road that I wish had been smoother. The price and amount of things you get to see is amazing, but personally I would have enjoyed it more if I were by myself and not with a tour group.
    Abigator / Student traveler
    McComb, OH / Posted on July 22, 2018
  • Disappointing experience

    Tour was overpriced and did not provide education and excitement as expected.
    USANONA / Adult traveler
    Chicago, IL / Posted on July 22, 2018
  • A trip of a lifetime

    An amazing experience, I never thought about visiting Europe. I saw and learned about different cultures.
    Cinabi / Adult traveler
    Posted on July 21, 2018