• Rookie

    Our tour director was the absolutely best you could imagine. She was fun, informative, personable, caring and knowledgeable. She was also very patient!!! She interacted with all people in her group, bus drivers, motel/restaurant personnel and the people at the places we toured. I simply can't say enough about how much we enjoyed getting to know her. I actually miss her!! Loved every moment.
    Ludowici / Adult traveler
    McRae Helena, Georgia / Posted on July 04, 2017
  • Great Trip

    Overall a great experience. London felt rushed and seemed like all we did was walk up and down to the subway and ride the subway. But Paris and Rome were a little more relaxed, which I enjoyed way more as did the rest of the group. We did not get to go up the Eiffel Tower which was a great disappointment to our group. The tour at the Coliseum in Rome was spectacular. Amazing to see so much history in person and am very glad I went.
    JADA / Adult traveler
    Posted on June 20, 2017
  • Great trip

    Highlights included:
    -seeing the sights
    -little lunch place our TD took us to in Paris
    -some very knowledgeable guides
    -the guided bus tour in London made stops for photos. We would have loved that in every city.
    -beautiful walk in Rome
    -the food was wonderful! Excellent selection of restaurants. Having pizza twice in Rome was not a disappointment.
    -our TD dancing with us in the street at a street party
    -Many, many more memories!

    Things to improve might include:
    -distance of Paris hotel from the city (we spent almost 2 hours in traffic, something we can easily experience at home).
    -guide at the Vatican seemed to pick details that focused on some questionable content and her tone was not respectful. It's appropriate to explore the controversies in history, but I would appreciate a more mature approach.
    -we were told not to buy water from the street sellers after people had already made those purchases.
    / Group leader
    Wisconsin / Posted on June 17, 2017
  • Amazing

    The tour was great and I would recommend it; however, there were a couple of things as listed below.

    The tour guide in London was not very good. While London had some "issues" prior to our arrival, IF that affected our tour, he should have stated as there were landmarks we did not get to see. He was very knowledgeable, but I felt he was more suited for an older group.

    I felt we had too much free time in Paris. While a group went to Versailles, something else should/could have been planned for those of us who did not.

    I also felt our group leader was left to do some things that should have been handled by our tour director. When reserving the London Eye, it was left to her instead of him handling it for us.

    The free time and guides in Rome were fantastic.
    REDee / Adult traveler
    Dennison, Ohio / Posted on June 15, 2017
  • worst experience ever

    this trip was one of the worst weeks i have lived. the cost of the trip was not seen throughout the trip. three people in one room with only two beds.The food provided was not good portions for anyone. Tour guide was very rude and disrespectful , had confrontations several times. He would leave the group behind and act as if he was alone.
    lilgirl123 / Student traveler
    Boston , Massachusetts / Posted on April 23, 2017
  • Great Tour for a taste of London, Paris & Rome

    Our tour director was very good and gave great suggestions
    happytraveler69 / Adult traveler
    Oregon City, Or / Posted on April 06, 2017
  • Excellent Experience

    Not only was our tour director excellent, but each of our local guides were also superb! The hotels were nice, food was delicious, my only slight (very slight) negative feedback would be that we got less time than expected in London. The sample schedule makes it look like 2 days (half a day after landing, full day, half a day before heading off to Paris) however, we really only had a day and a half and that was after pushing to have a half a day the day we landed instead of just dinner in the evening after more transitions. They were great and worked with us so we got the afternoon in downtown London but then departed for Paris very early in the morning so our time in London was very short. Again, in the grand scheme of things this is very minimal, overall we loved our time! The optional excursions were extremely worthwhile and we felt safe, cared for and valued the entire trip! We already have our next trip in the planning stages and I could not be more excited.
    / Group leader
    Posted on April 03, 2017
  • Super fun!

    This trip was definitely very fun, and there were only a few things I didn't like. The hotels weren't amazing, but they were clean! I understand it would've been more expensive to be closer to the city, so I didn't really mind.

    Food was great, tours were great, AND our EF guide gave us optional excursions that were so fun!
    TravelTravel / Student traveler
    Cumming, Georgia / Posted on November 17, 2016
  • Awesome Tour

    This was my first EF Tour being a group leader and I can't say enough how great it was! Our trip was impeccably timed and planned. The itinerary was perfect and allowed just enough "down time" in between excursions to really get a feel for each country we were in. My students had nothing but excellent things to say and at the end of each day were so excited to call their parents to tell them about it. That's a sign of a great trip! The only reason I'm giving the tour 4 out of 5 stars was we were a little disappointed with our evening dinners. Breakfasts at the hotels were great, lunches on our own were fun, but dinners were lacking the "local cuisine" feel we had been looking forward to. But this was an extremely minor complaint in the grand scheme of the tour itself.
    RadEmmie / Group leader
    Tampa, FL / Posted on August 15, 2016
  • Lots of "seeing" very little "experiencing"...

    This was my first (and quite probably my last) tour with EF!
    If I would have paid full price for this tour I would have been SORELY disappointed! Some of the parents who paid full price for themselves (plus their children) shared their displeasure with me. I've done many-a-trip in my days and this one seemed the most poorly planned, disorganized, and mismanaged I have had the displeasure to be part of...

    London was nice, but rushed. Our tour arrived at the Windsor excursion and we had NINE MINUTES to use the restroom, get lunch, and "look around" before we had to be at the gathering point to enter the castle! RIDICULOUS! Additionally, we had LOTS of time to stand around watching the changing of the guard (time that could have been spent elsewhere). The rushed excursion to Windsor Castle was definitely NOT worth the extra money spent to go there!

    Another negative experience from London was our party being separated in the Tube. I was in the middle of our group when one of the directors ran past me and disappeared from sight. I was following other members of our group but when we got to a fork some went left and others went right. We were travelers, in an unknown city, now separated and lost from our party with no idea where we were going! This is NOT a position that I, as a custodian of a student, would ever want to be in! To their credit, once I set the directors straight they explained where we were going and how to get there before future Tube rides.

    Paris was somewhat better. The accommodations, while nice provided no air conditioning for most of the rooms. One major gripe I have is our trip to the Eiffel Tower. While we had two hours there, our tour director said the wait shouldn’t be longer than 45 minutes. The wait was 110 minutes!!! We had only TEN minutes on the tower! Others left the line after an hour and a half because they feared being left by the bus! Before the trip that I was led to believe we would be able to go up into the Tower. While there, the director said we’d have enough time. We did not. My first memory of visiting the Eiffel Tower was a long wait and not enough time to even absorb the magnificent site! Still, the trip to Versailles was amazing! We had two hours there: 1 in the gardens (self-directed) and 1 in the palace (with a guide).

    Time at Notre Dame and the Louvre was adequate and led to an enjoyable self-guided visit. Sights can be missed but a shoddy breakfast followed by no opportunities to eat or get food for eight and a half hours is beyond ridiculous. To compound the absurdity, dinner was provided about two hours after we finally had lunch. I was and am not impressed.

    Unfortunately the worst part of the trip was yet to come! The night train! What kind of sadistic torture trap is that supposed to be? Not only were we unable to shower for nearly two days, but it was unbearably hot and crowded in that god-forsaken rail car! I am certain there are worst things in life that people have gone through, but that was one of the all-time worst experiences of my entire life! In retrospect I supposed I could have taken a bath in the shared 3x3 washroom one could barely turn around in. :-|

    Things in Rome got somewhat better. Our 45 minute commute to the hotel during rush hour pushed our time to nearly TWO hours! By the way did I mention that we didn’t have time for restroom breaks at all? We went constantly from the god-awful night train straight to a walking tour to the Colosseum & Forum to the bus. I would have traded time spent in the Forum for additional time in the Colosseum or even wandering the streets.

    All in all I believe that the negatives outweigh the positives from this tour. I'm sad and a bit upset that I feel we got a cheap, amateur, cut-rate, flyby tour when I expected a professional well-planned trip from EF. I’m not certain who is to blame… is it EF? The tour directors? The trip leaders? Or is it myself for expecting too much? I will say that the interpersonal interaction between the two directors and us (especially the kids) were all very positive. They had great attitudes and seemed to try to accommodate where they could. Woe be to those responsible for the pacing/timing/scheduling!

    * Regularly scheduled meal times with regional food choices (Chinese in Britain?! C’mon!).
    * Provide travelers with a detailed itinerary ahead of time so that we can pack accordingly i.e. 8 hours between a pitifully inadequate breakfast and a very late lunch & not being able to shower for 36 hours!
    *Differentiate between “seeing” and “experiencing” areas of interest… we “saw” many things at a distance or driving by on a bus – we experienced much less than I expected.
    DispleasedTraveler / Adult traveler
    Mount Washington, KY / Posted on August 09, 2016