• Rookie GL Immerses in Europe

    My 1st trip leading students lived up to and exceeded expectations.
    In the 16 months prior to flying out, EF support, and equally important, overseas group leader training provided knowledge and practical experience allowing me to be confident and project that confidence for my students and parents to ensure a successful tour of London, Paris, Florence and Rome.
    Our Tour Director, brilliant/flexible/adaptable/ a great singer LOL, connected with EVERYONE while facilitating learning and FUN.
    I'm already planning the next trip!
    HappyTraveler2017 / Group leader
    Imperial, MO / Posted on July 27, 2017
  • cooltrip

    overall wonderful--negatives were 2 bad tour guides who had to be fired which cost the children a lot of free time that is already limited and stressed out the teachers as well as bad dinners in London and Paris -- kids had to buy a lot of snacks and order pizzas
    studentparent / Student traveler
    Posted on July 13, 2017
  • Incredible experience!

    Wow! the trip of a lifetime! Very well done, very well organized, would highly recommend!
    BeachGirl1 / Parent
    Atlantic City, New Jersey / Posted on July 10, 2017
  • Good Experience

    Overall I think everyone on our trip had a great time and experience. It was wonderful to be able to see the historical sites and places that you always dreamed about going some day. I wish we would have had some more time in certain places like the Louve and Paris and maybe less time in London. The hotels we stayed at were pretty much very far out of town and we were disappointed that we weren't able to see the Eiffel Tower at night or actually be in any of the town areas at all after dinner. The food was mediocre. One of the things I was most excited for was eating in Europe and it was disappointing. I understand that the meals are catered toward high school travelers but pizza with no meat for 3 dinners was a bit much after two nights of mashed potatoes and some sort of meat that I don't eat. I would have preferred to not have paid for dinner in my trip and been able to find dinner at a restaurant of my choice and pick what I wanted to eat. I was pleased with out your guide and now feel comfortable with the exposure that I got in those countries to go back on my own and I'm already looking forward to it.
    Macsmom99 / Adult traveler
    Indianapolis, IN / Posted on July 09, 2017
  • Awesomeness

    Tour guide was amazing. Fast paced tour with knowledgeable guide. Couldn't have imagined trying to navigate the sites as well as trying to get through the transportation to the places with out her. I wish the dinners would have been more cuisine accustomed to the area. Steak and French fries, chicken and mashed, etc I can get at home. Now the Pizza in France was amazing but again wish it would have been "French" food.
    TouringEurope / Adult traveler
    Holt Missouri / Posted on July 09, 2017
  • I'd Do it Again Tomorrow

    Our group had an exceptional experience. When you combine several great cities with a skilled, flexible, and highly engaged tour director, it's quite a winner. From beginning to end, our tour was a delight, always ready with an educational insight or restaurant recommendation. Our small group was able to enjoy time with the larger group and then break off to take in some additional sights during free time. Our tour director worked with us on special requests from time to time and did so with professionalism and joy. Our kids came home safe, happy, and inspired. EF's folks have been top notch--our tour consultant, customer service folks, tour director. We couldn't be more pleased.
    Cecily / Group leader
    San Antonio, Texas / Posted on July 08, 2017
  • What an amazing trip!

    This trip was utterly amazing!! My students loved every part of it! Our Tour Director was funny and made the trip really fun. My students are ready to join me on the next adventure!
    SweetLion9421 / Group leader
    Brookings, Oregon / Posted on July 07, 2017
  • Some bumps along the way

    The overall experience of the trip was good. However, it could have been much better. Although there were some things that were out of EF's control, there were some issues that could have been dealt with better.

    In London we sat at the airport for over an hour while the person greeting us (not our tour director) spent over an hour trying to locate the van that was to collect our luggage. We then had an hour long tube ride into London. The coach bus that was to pick us up had cancelled in London for our entire stay there. This meant that to get from our hotel, we had to walk to the bus station to take the bus to the train station and then utilize the tube. This was time consuming and increased the amount of walking were required to do. Some of our students monitored their distance walked and on some days it was 12 miles. This was all done during record breaking heat. This amount of walking resulted in blistered and bleeding feet and chafed legs on some students that bled for the entire length of the trip. EF should have been able to reschedule another coach for us and hopefully avoided injury.

    Our initial itinerary included an overnight train from Paris, France to Florence, Italy. At some point, the train was changed to a flight. The airline used was Vueling. The flight was a non-stop direct flight. We arrived at the airport with an ample amount of time to process our group and yet Vueling lost 53 pieces of our group's luggage. We spent close to two hours in the airport dealing with lost and found. We did not get our luggage back for close to three days. Some people never got it back. I would highly suggest EF thinking twice about using Vueling as an airline in the future.

    Our luggage was then lost a second time on the return flight home on British Airways. This time 20 pieces of luggage went missing.

    Our tour director went above and beyond to assist us despite all of these challenges. He expertly guided us on the tube in London and ensured we were always accounted for. He spent countless hours tracking down our missing luggage; contacting EF, and multiple airports. Due to our luggage being missing for so long, many people on the tour were in need of clothes and toiletries. Our tour director took us to stores for the needed items that were near other cultural points of interest. This ensured that for those who did have their luggage did not have their time wasted. The tour director was positive, informative, quick on his feet and adjusted our tour to meet the unique needs of the tours challenges. He listened to and empathized with our students and did everything in his power to ensure they had an amazing experience.

    I will still travel with EF. Much of that decision is due to the way our tour director was able to manage and accommodate the hurdles this trip threw at us. Our students had a great time and have some very interesting stories to tell.
    / Adult traveler
    Madison, WI / Posted on July 04, 2017
  • European Experience

    From start to finish, EFTours made everything as smooth as possible. We did have one snag but it wasn't EFTours fault. We had a restaurant that wasn't ready for us when we showed up. We were about 10 minutes early and we were told to wait till time. When Time came, they still weren't ready. 15 minutes later they were ready and then they didn't have the food ready and finally we were rushed and didn't have enough food. But not EF's fault at all. Our tour guide, Tony, was awesome. A well educated nice guy that showed us a lot and got us where we needed to be. I would definitely do it again without any hesitation.
    aREALWonder / Adult traveler
    Kannapolis, NC / Posted on June 30, 2017
  • poor tour director

    Our flight was cancelled and our group was left in New York City with no hotel, transportation, and no new flight. We received no assist from EF tours. Just a "good luck" . We had to find a hotel, transportation, and schedule another flight on our own. It was not a good idea to leave travelers with students with no options. Also our tour director had no interest in being friendly and rarely directed us where to go if asked about the area. At a beach the bus dropped us off in a town and she said you can walk or take the elevator and left us to find the beach on our own. We wasted much of our time trying to find a way down! This is over 30 of us! Then finally find a public beach and swim for about 15 minutes, find our way back to the bus and find she is there waiting and had been swimming herself! The other incident was in Italy when she told us that she was not licensed in Italy so "you don't know me" "Don't talk to me" is what we were told. She had no interest in the kids and rarely smiled. Definitely the wrong job choice for her. Would not recommend EF tours.
    blanco / Adult traveler
    Franklin,PA / Posted on June 30, 2017