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  1. Touching History

    My daughter and I traveled with EF to Paris and London. It was an amazing experience and the Tour guides increased the value of the trip with knowledge of all the sights and history. The dining experience was above and beyond expectation. The hotels are clean and friendly. We will go back in the future, Thanks EF.
    / Adult traveler
    St.Anne, Illinois / Posted on June 29, 2018
  2. Fantastic spring break trip

    The trip was a non stop journey through history and beauty. There was lots of traveling by subway which makes sense bc it is quick and cheap but the very large size of our group (50+ People) made it extremely hard to stay together on the overcrowded trains. Beyond that the sights and experiences were amazing: in Paris the sights included the Louvre, Eiffel tower, and Notre Dame. In London the sights included the Tower of London, Buckingham palace, Trafalgar Square, Westmenter Abbey & Windsor Castle. Big Ben, unfortunately, is under reno until 2022 so it’s covered in scaffolding- oops! Would definitely recommend this trip to a friend- provided they take good walking shoes!
    Veruca / Adult traveler
    Wichita, Ks / Posted on March 27, 2018
  3. Awesome!

    I had an amazing eleven days in Paris, London, and Scotland. Our tour guide was hilarious and always had something interesting/fun to tell us about where we were going. It was nice spending time with my friends and meeting new ones (as our group had two different parties, both from a different school). It was definitely something my friends and I talk about every day, at all hours of the day. We tell our friends who weren't able to go about our memories and things that will always be forever in my mind and heart. To my tour guide, I really enjoyed having him as a part of our squad. I definitely liked using both public (Things like the Metro and the RER in Paris, the Underground in London) and private transportation to get the real life feeling to living in such cities. I disliked how fast paced the trip was, but completely understood why it had to be that way. Sometimes the free time was a little much, but my friends and I always found something to do. I enjoyed visiting these three countries for the first time with my best friends, and my friends and I certainly share a special bond now. Our group leaders were two teachers of ours, and they were also wonderful. It makes you realize how normal your teachers can actually be. Sometimes we get so caught up in our routines that we barely realize that teachers have lives, feelings, and family, and this trip taught me that. Thanks to EF for putting together such an amazing tour! I believe anyone who wants to see just a small taste of these three amazing cities should plan on doing this trip. It was certianly so much fun and my friends and I are already planning a #EuropetripPart2. Thank you, EF, thank you to our tour guide, and thank you to everyone who went on the trip and made it awesome.
    LolAP / Student traveler
    Ellicott City, Maryland / Posted on September 13, 2017
  4. Outstanding Service, Unparalleled Experience

    This was my first tour with EF, and I am already planning another one for next year! I've led plenty of field trips before, but I've never had an experience like the one provided by EF: everything logistically was handled. My Tour Director was amazing. He was professional, he listened to my suggestions and answered my questions. He delivered higher than I expected, and I expected a lot! My students and parents were impressed with EF and the professionalism of its employees, as was I. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with them to plan future experiences for my students.
    ChuckELA / Group leader
    Greenville, SC / Posted on April 17, 2017
  5. A Capital Connection Rocks!

    I can't say enough amazing things about EF. This was my second trip as a chaperon with EF Tours, and I cannot wait to go on a third trip! This Capital Connection tour was superb! Our Tour Director was AMAZING! EF Tours and our Tour Director had many hoops to jump through, and they made a slam dunk! Our travelers especially loved the theater show in the West End in London (We got to see Wicked!). As a group, we got to ascend the Eiffel Tower and visit the Louvre, and we got to visit Windsor Castle while the Queen was home among only a few of the amazing experiences we had during our trip. It was pretty incredible. I highly recommend this tour for anyone who wants to spend time in both London and Paris.
    F4G7345 / Adult traveler
    Boca Raton, FL / Posted on April 03, 2017
  6. Amazing Experience

    The most difficult aspect of the tour was the waiting. We constantly had to wait for the tour guide to get, tickets, ear phones, set meeting places, etc. It really made the tour that much more complicated. I am not sure why these things could not have been taken care of the day before so that they would have been ready when needed.
    Daffodils / Adult traveler
    Hillsdale, NY / Posted on February 24, 2020
  7. Great!

    Great sites.!!
    winston / Group leader
    Florence, Montana / Posted on April 03, 2019
  8. Great Experience

    It was an experience of a lifetime & our tour guide was fantastic. I loved London much more that Paris but in all the entire trip was amazing.
    / Student traveler
    Pineville, Louisiana / Posted on July 27, 2018
  9. disappointed

    I was very disappointed with the breakfast and dinners that were included in the tour. Most places we ate at we were put in a backroom with no air conditioning. It was a lot of grilled chicken and peas, or ham steaks and peas. Why would I travel thousands of miles to eat something I could have at home?!! Also, the tour guide was so unorganized she made us miss some of our sites that we were to see during the tour. It was very disappointing and if I ever travel overseas again, I will definitely not be using EF Tours.
    zodog / Student traveler
    Columbia, MO / Posted on July 24, 2018
  10. Saw Alot but almost to much

    The Trip to Paris and London with EF Tours went well. There were highs and lows. As a chaperone on the trip I had to keep in mind that the trip is designed for Kids 14- 18. Our accomodations in Paris were terrible. It was in a very bad neighbor hood and the hotel staff were very rude. Our guide did do a great job of getting us into the city and teaching us all about the Metro and making sure were were seeing alot. I loved the bus tour and our guide on the bus tour was amazing. I feel that the amount of walking should be stressed more. I am in good shape and it was even difficult some days for me.
    I still had a great time and loved seeing the cities. I did see things and see parts of the city due to the walking that I would have never gone to on my own.. The food was terrible.
    The hotels had your basic hotel fair. But the diner spots were not prepared for groups of our size I felt and the one place there were 3 EF Tour groups in one place was dumb. The food was so rushed and was cold. Recommendation. Breakfast at the hotel in the Morning. Lunch places picked for the group and then let everyone go get diner on their own. I loved the train from Paris to London and loved the theater experience in London.
    Still got to see great things just some of the side details were difficult. Thank you all in all for a great trip with my daughter an many of the kids from her school
    DNA2018 / Adult traveler
    Bennett, Colorado / Posted on July 14, 2018

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